Chapter 13 study guide and answers

Transportation revolution, growth of American cities
Many people lived close enough to their jobs that they could walk to work. Wagons carried goods down streets paved with stones, making a noisy, busy scene.
Utopian communities
Groups of people who tried to form a perfect society
Temperance movement goals
Stop drinking hard liquor
Common-school beliefs and leaders
Wanted all children taught in a common place, regardless of background; Horace Mann
American anti-slavery
Slavery society wanted immediate emancipation and racial equality for all African Americans
Seneca falls convention
First public meeting about women’s rights held in the United States
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Susan B. Anthony, New York in 1860
American social reformer, she was active in the temperance, abolitionists, and woman’s suffrage movements and was co-organizer and president of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association
Abolitionists movement inspiring women’s rights movement
End slavery