chapter 1,2, &4

when your textbook describes public speaking as a form of empowerment, it means that public speaking is
a way to make a difference in something we care about
many of the skills used in public speaking are the same as those used in everyday conversation. these skills include
-organizing your thoughts logically
– tailoring your message to your audience
– adapting to listener feedback
when you experience stage fright, your body is producing extra________, a hormone that is released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress
according to your textbook, rather tahn trying to eliminate every trace of stage fright, you should aim at transforming it into
positive nervousness
what does your textbook recommend as a way to deal with nervousness in your speeches?
think of your speech as an act of communication
research has shown that the anxiety level of most speakers drops off significantly
when they are 30-60 seconds into the speech
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heather was in the midst of an excellent speech on campus history when she made a minor mistake by giving the wrong date for the opening of a campus building. she suddenly stopped speaking and said, “oh, i messed up.” She then finished her speech, but all she could think about afterward was her mistake. what is the major piece of advice from your textbook that heather needs to be reminded about?
there is no such thing as a perfect speech
dealing with such matters as the logical relationships among ideas, the soundness of evidence, and the differences between fact and opinion are all part of what your textbook calls
critical thinking
which of the following aspects of public speaking is least likely to help strengthen your skills as a critical thinkg
practicing the delivery of your speech
b/c every person has a unique _______ based on his or her own knowledge experience, and values, the meaning of a message can never be exactly the same to a listener as to a speaker
frame of reference
as chris delievered his speech, he noticed that some members of his audience looked confused as he explained one of his main points. as a result, he slowed down and explained the point again. in this case, christopher was
adapting to the audience feedback
speechmaking is a form of power and therefore carries with it heavy __________ responsibilities
all of the following are presented in your book as guidelines for ethical speechmaking except

– be honest in what you say
– avoid name calling and other forms of abusive language
– be fully prepared for each speech
– make sure your goals are ethically sound
– explain your credibility on the speech topic

explain your credibility on the speech topic
for his informative speech, douglas told his classmates how to get free food at a drive through restaurant. rather than focusing on legitimate deals, such as student discounts or coupons, douglas talked about ways to trick employees into believing you had already paid for food when you had not. his instructor gave the speech a poor grade b/c it violated the ethical criteria for public speaking presented in your textbook. the guideline douglas violated was
make sure your goals are ethically sound
according to your book, global plagiarism occurs when a person
takes a speech entirely from one source and passes it off as his or her own
ryan located three excellent sources for his persuasive speech. he copied long sections from each source word for word, strung them together with a few transitions, and mentioned the sources of his information in passing. What wrong did ryan do in this situation?
ryan is guilty of patchwork plagiarism
emil began his research early and found some excellent sources for his informative speech. he cut and pasted passages from several web sites into a file in his word processor. when he started putting his speech together, he used some complete sentences from the cut-and-pasted materials, paraphrases from other passages, and several original ideas of his own. unfortunately, emil forgot to record his sources in his research notes, so he didn’t cite any of the sources in his speech. what wrong did emil do in this situation?
emil is guilty of incremental plagiarism
when sophia attended the first discussion section for her math class and heard her instructor begin speaking with an unfamiliar accent, she immediately decided, “I wont learn anything from this teacher.” Sophia failed to uphold which guideline for ethical listening?
avoid rejudging the speaker
according to your book, a common mistake students make when developing their first speech is
trying to cover too much material
which of the following is appropriate when using humor in public speech?
-gently making fun of common human quirks
– using obscenity or off-color language
– characterizing groups with negative stereotypes
gently making fun of common human quirks
as explained in your textbook, the three main parts of a speech are called
the introduction, the body and the conclusion
according to your textbook, the first thing a speaker needs to do in the introduction of a speech is to
get the interest and attention of the audience
for her first speech, rebekah plans to explain her interest in dance beginning with her childhood and continuing through her days in high school. which pattern of organization discussed in your book will she use in her speech?
according to your book, “now that you know about julio’s interest in photography, let’s look at his passion for snowboarding” is an example of a
for his first speech, peter is organizing his ideas around three holiday customs that were passed down by his polish grandparents. according to your textbook, peter’s speech will most likely be organized in ______ order.
as your textbook explains, each main point of your first speech should
cover a single aspect of the topic.
what does your textbook recommend that you do in the conclusion of your first speech?
let the audience know your speech is ending
reinforce the central idea of your speech
end on a clever or thought-provoking note.
according to your textbook, the type of delivery in which you plan your speech in detail and learn it well without trying to memorize the exact wording is called
according to your textbook, when you prepare speaking notes for your first speech, you should
make sure the notes can be read at arms length
what doe your book recomment that you do when rehearsing your first speech
ask family members or friends for feedback