Chapter 11

A parallel set of connectors used in early printers before SATA or USB came about
Gives the Imaging Drum an even -600 VDC across the entire cylinder
The Ink is melted to the paper though this process and can reach up to 350-400 degrees fahrenheit
A printing technique used in laser printers based on electrostatic charges.
The programming language created by Adobe Systems that is used with laser printers to describe the appearance of the page(s) to print
Transfer Roller
A component in a laser printer that electrically charges paper to attract the toner.
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Vector Image
An image or file that that is calculated and stored according to mathematical formulas rather than pixels, resulting in a smaller file size and the ability to resize the image without a loss in quality
The part of the dot matrix printer that holds the printwires and impacts the ribbon
Thermal transfer
Thermal printer technology that uses a heated wax or resin ribbon, these can make really high quality pictures and can even add textures
IEEE 1284
A parallel interface standard that supports bidirectional communication and transfer rates of up to 2 MBps. this was often used for printers before USB took over
Line printer terminal
The step pf the process in which the toner is applied to the drum that’s electrically charged and the image is beginning to form
A printer language used by non-Postscript Hewlett-Packard and compatible laser printers.
Printing on both sides of a sheet, or roll, of paper during one pass through a printing press.
An acronym that stands for “What you see is what you get.” And allows you to see what the final document will look like.
Scanning Mirror
A component of a laser printer consisting of an octagonal mirror that can be directed in a sweeping motion to cover the entire length of a laser printer drum.
Sprays ink through small holes to form words and images on paper. Most common type of printer and due to ease of use, size, and usually low maintainance
produces printed images when tiny wire pins on a print head mechanism strike an inked ribbon
Direct Thermal
Thermal printing technology in which the printhead heats the paper.
Print Spooler
a program that stores documents to be printed on the hard drive, thereby freeing the memory up and allowing other functions to be performed while printing goes on in the background.
The ink that laser and Inkjet’s use to print by static or spraying it though nozzles
The part that writes the static to the drum so the image can form om the drum when the Ink comes later
Laser Printer
Electrostatic printer that focuses a laser beam to form images that are transferred to paper electrostatically
Primary Corona Wire
The wire or more recently the drum that sits next to the imaging drum that statically charges it
Pickup Roller
A part in a printer that pushes forward a sheet of paper from the paper tray.
The part of Laser printers where the image is transferred to the RAM in the laser printer
The blue that printers use to create their colors
Dye Sublimation
LED Printer
Transfer Corona Wire
Imaging Drum
Raster Image