Chapter 10 Government

Be an American resident for at least fourteen years
Which of the following is a qualification to become President
T OR F Most of the skills, talents, experience, and personal qualities needed by a President are REQUIRED by the Constitution
He understood people’s attitudes
Which of the following is a reason Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the 1932 election
T OR F Herbert Hoover lost the 1932 Presidential election to Franklin D. Roosevelt by a SLIM margin
Ronald Reagan
Which President is known as the Great Communicator
T OR F President Roosevelt and President Reagan used new technologies to sway public opinion
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Adhering to his beliefs
Grover Cleveland showed political courage by which of the following
T OR F A candidate with extreme political views has less chance of gaining a major political party’s support than one with more mainstream views
There should be no time limit when Constitutional rights are at stake
Which of the following was part of Al Gore’s argument in the Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore
T OR F It is unlikely that those who hold the office of American President will be more diverse in the twenty-first century
Power was peacefully transferred
What was the effect of George Washington’s decision not to run for a third term
False……Franklin Roosevelt’s
T OR F Public reaction to Theodore Roosevelt’s fourth term as President led to a Constitutional amendment
T OR F The current compensation for the President is a $100,000 salary
A president might gain too much power
What would be the effect if the twenty-second amendment were repealed
T OR F Former Presidents receive the benefit of a pension
The total amount of a salary
The term compensation means which of the following
Presiding over the Senate
The Vice President is responsible for which of the following
T OR F The Vice President is involved in domestic policy, but is not involved in foreign policy
T OR F The Twenty-second Amendment clarified the succession to the Presidency.
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Which leader is second in the line of succession to the Presidency
They wanted the Executive Branch to represent the States
The authors of the Constitution established the Electoral College for which of the following reasons
T OR F A meeting to decide a party’s Presidential Candidate is known as a Convention
T OR F An organization of supporters formed by a potential Presidential candidate is known as a Primary.
To change how people voted for the President and Vice President
What is the purpose of the Twelfth Amendment
Its use for more than two hundred years
Which of the following might be classified as a reason to keep the Electoral College
T OR F The Federal Election Commission is a regulatory agency that keeps track of election fundraising
T OR F The Inauguration is a contest between candidates of the same party
Issues affecting the regions in which they campaign
During primaries, candidates often focus on which of the following
T OR F The Convention is a ceremony in which the President-elect takes the oath or office and becomes President
His First Inaugural Speech
President Roosevelt said The only thing we have to fear is fear itself during which speech?