Chapter 1, Science

A horse is a?
What is the process of change that occurs during an organism;s life to produce more complex organisms?
Each phylum is divided into what
Mushrooms, molds, and mildew are members of what kingdom?
Archaebacteria and Eurobacteria are two kingdoms of what?
a prokaryote
What is taxonomy?
the scientific study of how living things are classified
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The more classification levels that two organisms have means…..
The more characteristics they have in common
What is one way in which scientists get information about the evolutionary history of species?
by comparing organisms’ body structures
Which classification level is broader than the phylum level?
The mistaken idea that living things arise form nonliving sources is known as
Spontaneous generation
Which kingdom includes only prokaryotes?
Which of the following characteristics do all plants share?
being an autotroph
Which of the following kingdoms includes ?both unicellular and multicellular organisms
an organism that makes its own food is called an
An organism reacts to a stimulus with a
ORganisms that make their own food are called
an organism’s ability to maintain stable internal conditions despite changes in its surroundings is called
what do biologists find useful because this scientific system gives them much information about an organism based on its classification
The first part of an organism’s scientific name is its classification group called
In the modern classification system used by biologists the broadest level of organization is called a
An owl and a bat share the same kingdom and phylum, and class. An owl and what animal have more characteristics in common?
What is archaebacteria not classified with? Which is the other prokeroyite kingdom, because they have differents chemical makeups.
what kingdom is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that contains both autotrophs and heteratrophs and both unicellular and mulicellular organisms?
Multicellular organisms are found in the protist, fungus, animal, and what kingdoms?
what is necessary in writing the scientific name correctly?
The genus, and species. The genus always has to be capitalized
Airplanes respond to certain stimuli and use energy why, then, are airplanes not considered living things?
Don’t reproduce
Don’t grow and develop
no Cellular organization
How do organisms differ in the way they obtain their energy source, or food?