Chapter 1 Quiz

The significance of a sociological imagination is that:
sociology attempts to connect individual experiences to a conception of a larger social structure
The norms, beliefs, and values that we learn through socialization make ________ possible.
social order
We can say that something is socially constructed when it is based on:
social context
According to Émile Durkheim, sociologists must study social facts, which are:
aspects of social life that shape our individual actions
The way in which social structure limits the range of activities and opportunities in individuals’ lives is called:
social constraint
Which early theorist saw class conflict as the main source of social change?
Karl Marx
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According to Karl Marx’s materialist conception of history, which of the following would be considered a source of social change in society?
the relationships between the working class and the owning class
Which of the following was a focus of Max Weber’s research?
the influence of cultural ideas and values on social change and individual behavior
Max Weber contended that a bureaucratic structure is the most efficient organizational type. Which of the following exemplifies a bureaucratic organization?
the college or university you attend
Harriet Martineau is significant to sociologists today for insisting that an analysis of society must include:
all of society’s members, including women
Having a ________ allows one to understand the centrality of gender in analyzing the social world.
feminist perspective
Who had the greatest influence on the theoretical approach known as symbolic interactionism?
George Herbert Mead
When one item is used to represent another, it is labeled a(n):
Which of the following is NOT one of the manifest functions of education?
learn to obey authority figures
In addition to sociological analysis, Marxist sociologists believe that sociology should also include:
political reform
What do Marxism and feminism have in common?
Both focus on inequalities and conflict as central features of modern societies.
Approaching marriage as a way to maximize self-interest is an example of analysis that uses what type of theoretical understanding?
rational choice approach
Which of the following statements most closely resembles the ideas of a postmodernist?
Sociologists should understand that our subjectivities are being transformed and that we are in transition to a new era.
Which of the following is an example of microsociology?
studying the social interactions in a coffee shop
Karl Marx differs from Émile Durkheim in that Marx:
argued that social change is caused by economic influences as opposed to values and ideas