Chapter 1 Health Test 🍎

The number of years that a person can expect to live is called _____
c. life expectancy
Describe ways to recognize good physical, mental , physical, emotional health, and social health
Mentally Alert
List two behaviors that could move you toward wellness on the health continuum.
Exercise & a healthy diet
How could having to deal with a physical, mental, or emotional problem affect a persons social life?
They may want to be alone
What are four standards you would use to measure the quality of life ?
•Physically Active
•Mentally Alert
•Close Relationships
•Able to Enjoy Life
which factor is part of your social environment?
b. culture
Do you think that you have more control over risk factors in your environment or behavioral risk factors?
You have more control over behavioral risk factors because it’s based off of your behavior
What is one possible short term consequence of eating a high fat diet? What’s a long term consequence?
Gaining Weight and Diabetes
What’s a benefit and risk of going hiking ?
exercise and falling
What skill are you using when you try to influence decisions others make about health ?
Explain what it means to gain awareness and gaining knowledge about a health problem
Recognize and treat the problem
Use the saying ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” to explain the importance of prevention to your well being
Prevention will help diseases
A flyer announcing the opening of a health food store is an example of ____
What question(s) would you ask to find out if a person who runs a gym is qualified?
Does the person have references
List two reliable sources and one poor source of health information
Health teacher ; doctor
Describe three ways that government agencies protect consumers
Recall , FDA , and warranties
Which do you think makes people more vulnerable to fraud ?
Lack of knowledge because most people aren’t aware of the consequences
Why do you think most teens smoke
Peer pressure
Do ads for health care products appeal more to your emotions than to your ability to reason
Emotion because people make decisions based off of emotion
What steps should you take before using a liquid diet supplement?
Research the product