Chapter 1 APUSH study notes

Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incan empire of South America
Francisco Pizarro
Portuguese explorer who completed the first circumnavigation of the world
Ferdinand Magellan
Spanish explorer who traveled across much of Alabama and the present-day Southeastern United States
Hernando de Soto
Period if cultural rebirth in Europe
European Renaissance
People of mixed Native American and European ancestry
Last ruler of the Aztec Empire
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European explorer who allegedly returned form a journey to China and the Far East in 1215, help to spark European desire for oriental good
Marco Polo
Italian born sailor who convinced the Spanish royalty to outfit a mission to establish a sea route to Asia
Christopher Colombus
Indigenous peoples of the Americas
Inuit people, native Americans, Aztecs, and incas
Monarchs of Spain who supported Spanish colonization of the Americas
Ferdinand & Isabella
Group of native Americans in the present day united states who were known for earthen pyramids
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire and Mexico
Style of historical writing or propaganda that demonizes the Spanish colonization of the Americas
Black legend
Spanish system that gave native Americans to spanish landowners if they promised to convert them to Christianity
The great Ice Age accounted for the origins of North America’s human history because
It exposed a land bridge connecting EuroAsia and North American
Most likely the first Americans were
In 1492, when Europeans arrived in the Americas, the total of the two continents population was perhaps
54 million
What did some basic characteristics of the more advanced Native American Cultures?
*establish large citied
*studied math
*carried on commerce
*made accurate astronomical observations
What characteristics did the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec p civilization share
Large cities, advanced agricultural practices, mathematics, and the wheel
Which crop became the staple of life in Mexico and South America
Which PRIMARY factor enabled Europeans to conquer native Americans with relative ease ?
The absences of dense concentration of populations
What was the positive consequence of the “three sister” farming on the southeast Atlantic seaboard
Produced a rich diet that lead to high population density
Before the arrival of Europeans, how did most peoples in North America live
Small, scattered & imperanat settlements
Why didn’t the voyages of the Scandinavian seafarers result in permanent settlements in North America
They didn’t have support
What events led to a drive of Europeans toward Asia, the penetration of Africa, and the discovery of the anew World?
Quicker trade routes and religious persecution
Why did the Spanish explorers want to become conquistadores
To earn God’s favor
What is the Dominican Friar Bartolomé de Las Casas best known for
He fought against his own country (Spanish) for the native Americans
Describe the Columbian exchange
The transfer of plants, animals,, and diseases to the new world
Rebellion by Pueblo Indians in present day New Mexico that saw the destruction of the Spanish colony therem
Pope’s rebellion