Chapt. 1 Exam

__________ is not a goal of psychology.
Terminal buttons are found at the ends of __________.
Psychology is _________________________.
The science of behavior and mental processes
The two main types of research methods in psychology is _____________.
Experimental and correlations
Somatic is to automatic as
Voluntary is to involuntary
Excitation is to rest as
Sympathetic is to parasympathetic
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Dr. Alvarez
Behavior nueroscience
Dr. Greenway
Behavioral perspective
Cognitive perspective
Dr. Gamble
Gene therapy
At the heart of the humanistic perspective is the concept of
Which best expresses the relationship between a sample and a population.
A population includes a sample
Which best expresses the relationship between a theory and a hypothesis?
A theory is broader than the hypothesis
Archival research
Is inexpensive to conduct
Dr. Chase and Sanborn study “caffeine or no caffeine” what is the independent variable?
What is the purpose of random assignment?
Ensure the participant characteristics are equivalent across the experiments and control groups
What are neurotransmitters?
Chemicals that carry messages across the synapse to the dendrite (and sometimes the cell body) of a receiving neuron.
The reabsorption of neurotransmitters by a terminal button.
Another class of neurotransmitters, are chemicals produced by the brain that are similar in structure to painkilling drugs such as morphine.
Gene therapy
Scientists inject into a patients bloodstream genes meant to cure a particular disease.
Which of the following Sub fields of psychology is INCORRECTLY matched with its description?
Cognitive-examine how people grow and change from conception to death
Why does the author of your book consider the term ____________ potentially misleading?
Experimental (psychologists in every subfield use the experimental method
Which of the following is CORRECTLY matched with its description?
Clinical neuropsychology – focuses on our understanding of the structure and chemistry of the brain.