Chap 15 MC

A mass media effects researcher might chose a survey approach if he or she has
collect information that applies to a large population -a desire to research a larger population and might have a long-term study taking place
A mass media effects researcher might choose an experiment approach if he or she has
desire to try to show a cause-effect relationship between two variables.
A type of study that looks at changes in a population over time is called a/an
Longitudinal studies
Critics of mass media research point to which of the following as one reason the growing body of academic knowledge about the media seems to have little impact on the vast majority of mass media users?
Habermas formed his ideas about the public sphere while examining which aspect of seventeenth- and-eighteenth century English and French society?
How the middle class began to gather in places like coffeehouses to critically discuss public life
If survey data showed that heavy consumers of violent videos engage in more violent behavior than do light consumers, a social scientist would be justified in concluding that
viewing violent videos and violent behavior are correlated
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In which kind of research do researchers systematically code and measure media content?
Content analysis
Media historian James Carey defined communication as
a process where reality is produced, maintained, repaired and transformed
Often, people choose to expose themselves only to media outlets that express their views. What is this called?
Selective exposure/retention
The 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds made millions of listeners believe that Martians were invading Earth; however, most listeners didn’t believe that the story was real. Those outcomes ultimately helped to support which research model?
Hypodermic-Needle Model
The close reading and interpretation of the meaning of cultural forms is called
Textual analysis
The focus of cultural studies approaches to media studies includes
– Textual analysis
– Audience reception
– The political economy of production
The hypodermic-needle research model might be considered most directly the opposite of which research model?
Minimal-effects model
The scientific study of mass media got started because of interest in
how media messages were used to inspire public support for World War I
The theory that those who believe they hold minority opinions on controversial issues keep silent due to fear of social isolation is called what?
Spiral of Silence theory
Which kind of research method employs a control group for comparison?
Which line of research has generally demonstrated that the mass media don’t tell people what to think as much as they tell people what to think about?
Which line of research suggests that heavy viewers of television are more likely than light viewers to perceive reality in ways that are more consistent with “TV reality”?
Cultivation effect
Which of the following is characteristic of a cultural studies approach to mass media research?
A focus on how people make meanings understand reality and order their experiences
Which of the following is not a legitimate technique for gathering research quality data?
Online or Call-in polls