Chapter 7 – Quiz: Private Speech

During the first few years of life, the ___ grows faster than any other part of the body
By age, 6, the brain has reached ___ % percent of its adult weight
Research on brain development demonstrates ___ during 3-6 years of age
especially rapid growth of the frontal lobe
EEG and fMRI measures of neuronal activity indicate that
the left hemisphere shows a dramatic growth spurt between ages 3 and 6
which of the following is supported by research on brain lateralization and handedness
a strong hand preference reflects the individual’s dominant cerebral hemisphere
a major factor that determines what foods children will prefer is
the kind of foods they are exposed to often
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Hanna is 3 yrs old and eats only a few foods. Which of the following would you suggest to Hanna’s parents for getting her to eat new food?
Repeatedly expose her to new food without any direct pressure to eat it.
Vitamin A is important to a child’s diet because it
helps maintain eyes, skin, and a variety of internal organs
which statement below best explains the relationship between malnutrition and disease
Malnutrition depresses the body’s immune system, making children more susceptible to disease
qualitfy myself – in some ways i am this way and in others i am that way. (special cases)
research on infectious disease indicates that
childhood diseases such as chicken pox and measles occur much earlier in developing countries compared to industrialized nations
to parents, fine motor progress in early childhood is most apparent in which of the following two areas
self help skills; drawing/paintings
which of the following is the most complex self-help skill of early childhood?
tying shoes
by age 4 most children
can use use scissors
by age 3 most children can
jump and hop
children first represent objects and events on paper by
making gestures that leave marks
according to piaget, the most likely reason that a 4-year old cannot solve a conservation of liquid problem is that
the child’s attention is captured by the hegith of the water and she finds it difficult to also consider the widths of the glass
At lunch time, 4-year-old chirstopher was convinced that his sister Emma had more sandwich than he had simply because her sandwich was cut into four pieces. this demonstrates that Christopher lacks
during a conservation of liquid task, when asked why he thinks there is more water in the taller glass, 5 year old Gus points out that hte water level is higher in the taller glass than in shorter glass but neglects to mention that this change in height is compensated by changes in width. this example demonstrates a limitation of preoperational thought known as
During a ______ task, 4-year-old Marissa is asked whether there are more oranges or fruits in a group of 2 apples, 3 bananas and 5 oranges, she will most likely say
class inclusion; there are more oranges
According to Vygotsky, private speech during the preschool years
helps young children guide their behavior during challenging tasks
Most research indicates that young children use private speech
when tasks are difficult and they are confused about how to proceed
One-year old Maya is building a block tower. Maya’s father begins by pointing to where each block needs to go and then straightening out each block as Maya piles them up. As may’as competence with the task increases, her father gradually withdraws support. this is an example of
which of the following would you be most likely to see in a Vygotskian classroom
children of varying abilities working in groups
According to vygotsky, which of the following would be withing a child’s zone of proximal development
a task that a child cannot yet handle on her own but can do with the help of an adult

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