Ch 5

A child is shown two identical tall containers, both half-filled with water. The contents of one container are then poured into a short, wide container. If the child states that both containers still have the same amount, then the child understands the concept of:
The Reggio Emilia early-childhood program focuses on:
children’s creativity and artistic talent.
Preschool programs are called “child-centered” when they stress children’s:
development and growth.
Myelination is important because it:
speeds up the transmission of neural impulses
By the age of 2, a child will typically have a vocabulary of _____ words; by the age of 6, a child will typically have a vocabulary of _____ words.
500; 10,000
The hippocampus is a structure in the brain that processes:
According to Vygotsky, a teacher who carefully plans each child’s participation in the learning process within the zone of proximal development uses:
Children typically understand the basics of grammar by the
age of 2
The structures, rules, and techniques used to communicate meaning in language are called:
A common allergy for young children is
Caitlin, age 4, visited the city zoo, pointed to a zebra, and exclaimed, “Look at the horse with stripes!” In describing the zebra, she used:
logical extension
Between the ages of 2 and 6, a well-nourished child will gain about _____ pounds and grow about _____ inches per year.
4.5; 3
The Piagetian term for a particular type of centration in which a child thinks about the world only from his or her personal perspective is:
In the past 20 years, the incidence of plumbism has declined due to:
the removal of lead from paint and gasoline.
When Jennie sees her third-grade teacher in the grocery store, she is shocked to see her outside of school. This is likely due to Jennie’s:
static reasoning.
According to Vygotsky, a child’s first mentor is a(n):
A preschool child thinks a tall 20-year-old man is older than a short 40-year-old man. This is an example of:
focus on appearance
Researchers have discovered that _____ helps a child to develop theory of mind months ahead of a child who does not.
living with older sibling
In terms of early childhood learning, research has found that if the home educational quality is poor, then:
a quality preschool is especially beneficial
When Renee was 11 months old, she was injured in a car crash. She was in a coma for almost a year and then spent many months of recovery from a brain injury. By her third birthday, although she is making good process, she has not yet spoken, and her parents are fearful that she will never speak. The doctors, however, feel confident that Renee will learn speak. This is because language learning in the first four years is NOT a:
critical period