CGS Chapter 3

largest computer network that connects billions of people globally. invented during cold war because it was secure and a way to communicate
who created the internet?
Advanced Research Project Agency Network ARPANET. it was government funded it
who are the fathers of internet?
vinton cerf and robert kahn
subset of internet. use httpp://
who created the web? when?
after the creation of internet. created by tim berners lee and robert cailliau
enables user to display text and media
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what was the first browser?
mosiac which led to netscape (both text and graphics)
how do computers interact?
client asks for data, the server receives request and gives data to client
internet backbones
main pathways that have intermediary pathways connected. information moves through backbone, then through intermediary pathways to get to its destination
IP address
Internet Protocol address. each computer and website gets one. set of four numbers separated by periods and commonly referred to as a dotted quad or dotted decimal. how computers identify each other when connected to the internet
web 2.0
describes an evolved type of Web interaction between people software and data. classified as social web. user is also participant. social collaborative and communicative in nature
social networking
means by which people use internet to communicate and share info among their immediate friends and meet and connect with others through common interest.
e-mail client
software on your computer/ only view on that computer. example) microsoft outlook
instant messaging
communicate in real time
personal log on web. easy to create and read. one author, most recent post at top of page, public
video log
blog where video is primary content
spam blogs
users can edit it. because users can edit it the validity is questionable
audio/video clip broadcast over internet using compressed files (MP3 etc).
its not just for portable players
when content changed or updated, its automatically brought to you
really simple syndication
facilitates frequent content updates on webpages… XML format. can be formatted in a way that aggregators can find it and download only the new content to your computer
software programs that go out and grab the latest updates of web material according to your specifications. RSS allows them to get only newest info
broadcast of audio or video content over the internet. live one time events
one or more forms of media plus text
streaming media
feeds you the file so you dont have to wait for the whole thing to download
plug in
(player) special software program for multimedia
multiplayer online games
play occurs among hundreds or thousands of other players or the internet in a persistent game environment
temporary internet cache
needs to be periodically deleted to keep system running
conducting business online
click and brick
online and physical store
three types of E-commerce
business to consumer. business to business. consumer to consumer
secure socket layer
include “s” on http:// so https:// to ensure website is secure
how to be safe when buying online
dont use public wifi. use credit card instead of debit card
web browser
software installed to navigate web.
internet explorer is most used
firefox close second
safari is for apple products
google chrome is newest
gain access to web site by typing in what?
unique URL which will bring you to the sites homepage, then click on hyperlinks to navigate
what is website composed of?
web pages, each with own unique URL
protocol that allows files to be transferred from a webserver so that you can see the web site on your computer by using a browser
Hypertext Transfer Protocol. computer that hosts the web site you are requesting
domain name
host name. first thing after http://www.
File Transfer Protocol . to upload and download files from your computer to a web server. use a FTP file server instead of web server need user ID and password
Top level domain
suffix in the domain name after the dot (com or edu) lets you know which organization it belongs to
after top level domain, they are paths within website
specially coded element different color and underlined
breadcrumb trail
list of pages within website that you have visited
(bookmark) places marker on URL so easily retrievable
live bookmark
delivers updates to you as soon as they become available
(social bookmarking)use the keyword to search in future
search engine
searchers web for keywords
subject directory
topics and subtopics organize sites
metasearch engine
searches other search engines
constantly collects data for search engines
indexer program
organizes info from spider in database
search engine software
searches the database to pull out relevant information or hits
how are search engines different?
all have a different algorithm and rankings
boolean operators
and, or, not words that used to be needed when searching but now there is advanced search engines
internet was not developed for what?
what do you need to read send and organize email from any computer
a web based email account
which is not an example of social networking? which is?
email is NOT. IM blogging and wiki is
what are plug ins?
necessary for viewing most web graphics
what feature is a list of links you visited within a web site?
breadcrumb trail
what are the components of a search engine?
spider, indexer program, search engine software
internet protocols
HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent
A/an ________ like Microsoft Outlook, is used to read, send, and organize your e-mail.
email client
The first “internet” was a U.S. government-funded “internetworking” project named __________.
Which of the following is a social networking and microblogging service?
The original Web browser could handle only text and was usable only with what operating system?
__________ is an XML-based format that facilitates the delivery of frequent content updates on Web pages.
To access the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique identification number called a(n) __________.
IP address
A __________ is a structured outline of Websites organized by topics and subtopics.
subject directory
Which of the following top-level domains is reserved for mostly non-profit institutions?
All the following are parts of a URL EXCEPT __________.
domain, protocol, path are all components