Certified Google Educator 1

Which of the following has had a large impact on education now that the internet is so easily accessible:
The role of rote learning has decreased as students have instant access to the world’s knowledge
How does technology help cater to individual student needs?
I) Resources can be personalized for students
II) Teachers can offer digital feedback
III)Teachers can write code that makes students behave better
IV) Students can take ownership of their learning
I, II and IV
Choose the statement that best reflects what we know about technology, teaching, and learning.
Technology is a tool to support teachers in their efforts to increase student learning
Which of the following describes a digital classroom?
I) A place where teachers are facilitators of learning
II) A place where students use technology to collaborate and communicate in authentic ways
III)A place where every student is working alone on a device (a laptop or tablet) for the entire day
IV) Students can take ownership of their learning
I, II and III
When selecting a digital tool to integrate into your class, where should you start?
With your learning objectives
Which app allows you to analyze data?
google sheets
If you wanted to create a custom logo for your blog, you could use:
google drawing
Hangouts can help students practice good online communication.
Which is not an advantage of the Google tools?
Only available offline
How can image search be used to teach good online behavior?
Filter images by usage rights
Building _____ helps students cope better when faced with challenges online.
What can all teachers do in their classrooms to help shape responsible students?
I) Show students how to create strong passwords
II) Provide opportunities for students to practice good behavior
III) Create a safe environment for talking about digital citizenship topics
IV)Integrate digital citizenship lessons in class
I, II and III
Which of the following are drawbacks to using a textbook?
I)Textbooks can become out of date
II) Textbooks don’t have interactive components
III) Textbooks include graphs and charts
IV)Textbooks don’t have links to current events
I, II and IV
One benefit of augmenting a course textbook with digital resources is
Increases student engagement
Which tool allows a teacher to put together a collection of videos on a specific topic?
YouTube playlists
In what ways could students become partners with the teacher in augmenting the textbook with digital resources?
I) Students could help build a Google Site of current events that link to the curriculum
II) Students could suggest YouTube videos that connect to the course content
III) Students can role-play events in the curriculum
IV)Integrate digital citizenship lessons in class
I, II and III
Your learning objective is to get students to understand the concept of projection when speaking. Where can you find video resources from professional speakers who record and share their own public performances?
Mrs. Jones is a seventh-grade teacher who is focused on making sure her students are doing everything they can to be safe and secure online. They go to the computer lab each week and do a lot of web browsing on sites that she’s gathered links for on a shared Google Doc. Students add their own notes and comments below each link as they do their research. They can also add new resources as they find them on the Internet.Answer the following three questions based on this scenario.
Which of the following contemporary skills is Mrs. Jones developing in her students?
I) Creativity
II) Communication
II and III
Which mode can students use to ensure that their information is not saved in their Chrome browser when they are done in the computer lab each day?
What URL should Mrs. Jones give her students if she wanted them to be able to search for more resources?
When trying to select the right tool to integrate into your class, you should always start with:
the learning goal
Parents are looking for guidance on what to tell their children about being safe online. If you could give two simple tips that underlie everything, what would they be?
I) Don’t download illegally
II) Respect yourself and others
III) Avoid the first site in the search results
IV) Do everything you can to protect yourself
II and IV
To analyze the data gathered in a Google Form, you should use Google ___.
Rather than just reading about a location in a textbook, a great tool to help visualize a location and consider its impact on history would be:
google maps
When you want to provide your students with the steps for how to do an Advanced Google Search, which of the following is the best place to look first?
Google Help Center
You recently tried a new activity using Google Sheets with your students and you would like to share it with other teachers. Which of the following is a good place to share your idea with other teachers around the world?
Google for Education Help Reforums
PLN stands for which of the following:
Professional Learning Network
When a teacher creates a PLN, her PLN may include which of the following groups of people?
To find your local Google Educator Group (GEG), you can find a list of active groups on the Google Educator Group webpage.
Google Educator Groups are only open to teachers that have passed the Google for Education Level 1 Exam.
If you wanted to find a local Google expert who could show you some interesting new ways to use Google Maps in your classroom, you would search for which of the following?
Google for Education Certified Innovator
If you wanted to find a local Google expert who could come to your school to do specific training around Google for Education tools with teachers, you would search for which of the following?
Google for Education Certified Trainer
Google for Education Partner
Which of the following is NOT available to search for in the Google for Education Directory?
Google Certified Principals
Anyone can request to be listed in the Google for Education Directory.
If you want to contribute your expertise to a community of educators doing similar tasks as you, which of the following would you use?
Google for Education Help Forums
Google Educator Groups
Of the following, which primarily refers to individuals?
Google for Education Certified Trainers
Google for Education Certified Innovators
When you are looking for ideas on how other educators are using Google Drive with their students, where could you look? (Select all that apply.)
Google Search
Google for Education Help Reforums
Which of the following online resources could you use when you want to search for how to do something with a Google tool?
Google Search
Google Help Center
Google for Education Help Forums
Which of the following are reasons you might join a Google Educator Group?
To connect with other educators using Google tools with students
To plan social events for people to share how they use Google tools for learning
To get new ideas from other educators in your area
To share the amazing things happening in your classroom with other educators
By joining a Google Educator Group, you automatically create our own Personal ______ _____
Learning Network
Go to the Google for Education Directory and search for a Google for Education Partner located in Miami. Who is this partner?
TigerDirect Business
You can share and/or color code folders in your Google Drive.
You can add content to Google Drive by dragging and dropping files from your computer directly into your Google Drive.
I can upload the following to Google Drive
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents
Most movie files
Most photo files
Microsoft Office documents are compatible with Google Drive.
Which of the choices below are options when sharing a Google document?
If you have a file saved on your desktop, what are the steps you would take to be able to edit it using Google Docs?
Upload the document from your desktop to Google Drive and use the built-in feature to automatically convert it to a Google Doc
The Summary of Responses option allows you to create custom charts from the collected forms data.
Anyone can reply to someone’s post in the Google for Education Help Forums to provide help and guidance.
Options for questions in Google Forms include
Objective Questions
Subjective Questions
YouTube Videos
When you click Send Form on a Google Form, what are the options for sharing?
Auto-generated public URL
Posting directly to social media channels
Auto-generated goo.gl URL
Inviting only specific people to view your form
What are the destination options for storing and viewing responses to Google Forms?
Store in a new spreadsheet
Store in an existing spreadsheet
In Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings, the blue Share button is used to share. However in the new version of Google Forms it is labeled ______.
Your Gmail account for work can be accessed on which of the following device(s)?
Home computer
Smart phone
School site computer
One benefit to using the translate feature in Gmail is:
It opens up trusted lines of communication with families and community members who would otherwise be left out of the school conversation
When using the mobile Gmail app, users are able to attach documents directly onto any email.
The translate feature only allows users to translate messages that are sent directly to them.
You can search Gmail using the following criteria:
When creating a filter in Gmail, one action you can apply to incoming messages is to attach a label.
A benefit to using labels in Gmail is:
You can apply more than one to any message
You can color code labels to find messages more efficiently
What are the benefits to using Hangouts with your students?
Students are able to find answers from other students before relying on the teacher for an answer
Students receive real-time feedback even when they are away from the classroom=
You can monitor the conversations of many groups from your one device
You can share announcements and important information with your students even after they have left the classroom
The mobile Hangouts app gives you the opportunity to mute conversations so that you are not constantly receiving notifications.
Hangouts can be accessed in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
Mobile device that does not connect to the internet
When you delete a Hangouts conversation in your Hangouts list, the conversation is still visible for any other person involved in the conversation until they also delete the conversation from their Hangouts list.
One way to share your group and increase participation is by inviting members directly through email.
Maintaining a Google Site as a class site is valuable because you can communicate easily with a large audience.
Users can not set unique page-level permissions for different pages within a site.
Which of the following features can you customize in your Google Site?
Fonts and colors
URL Address
Display language
Google Drive is accessible anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, all you need is a Google account to access your information from the cloud.
If you wanted to create a space to share weekly information with all of the one hundred seventy different community mentors of your students, what would be the URL (not including https://) to use to get you to the google product best suited for this?
If you have a student who is a second language learner – whose parents only speak their primary language at home – and needs special interventions because they are struggling in your class, you will want to use ________ in ________ to communicate the necessary intervention steps with their parents.
the Translation feature; Gmail
What are the key benefits of using the Google Docs suite?
There’s only ever one version of a document, meaning you never have to compile different revisions from group members
You can easily share documents using a URL instead of attaching a document to an email
When creating a Google Site for your classroom, you will need to choose whether you want your site to be public, private to specific people, or available to people with the__________________.
Sub-calendars on Google Calendar appear in what order on the left side?
Alphabetical (after default calendar)
All events on a calendar will receive the default notification setting unless otherwise changed.
A Google Calendar can have which of the following attributes?
A distinct color option
A default notification reminder
A unique name
Gmail Tasks allow for which of the following?
multitask list
You are the educational technology coach at a small elementary school where each classroom has one computer, in addition to the principal and office staff’s devices. The school has just made the move to G Suite for Education but there is some hesitation about moving to a fully-online environment.

Classroom teachers have a lot of files saved on their own computer and are unsure about Google Drive. Which features of Drive do you think are most important to help ease their nerves?

Microsoft Office files can be uploaded and edited in Drive
Resource documents saved as PDFs can be saved in Drive
Images and video files can be stored and shared in Drive
You are the educational technology coach at a small elementary school where each classroom has one computer, in addition to the principal and office staff’s devices. The school has just made the move to G Suite for Education but there is some hesitation about moving to a fully-online environment.

Mr. Helms asks you what site he should bookmark to be able to get to Google Drive quickly. He’s already logged into Gmail so you show him the App Launcher (a quick and easy way to access all your Google tools) and point him to the Drive icon. Find your App Launcher and locate the URL that is linked from the Drive icon. Fill in the blank.

You are preparing for an after school session with teachers to train them on Google Docs. You’ve created a great ‘Getting Going Guide’ that you want them to have and keep for reference. What sharing setting should you set for the doc?
Anyone with the link can view
Students are going to be working on a project together. How can they add collaborators to their Google Doc?
The blue “Share” button
Under the File menu > “Share”
With a Google Keep note, a user can:
Add pictures to notes
Color code notes as needed
Remind the user of when an item needs to be addressed


Why would you want to have people fill out a Google Form rather than simply sharing a Google Doc with them to collect their responses? (Select all that apply.)
There’s the option to use a number of different question formats (like multiple choice, true/false, scales, etc.) with Google Forms
You do not need a Google account to fill out a Google Form, but you do to edit a Google DocAll Form responses are saved in a Google Sheet and the results are easier to see
Google Keep reminders will automatically show up on your Google Calendar when assigned.
In order for a task to appear on a specific date in your Google Calendar, you must:
Assign the task a due date
On your newly created calendar, add an event for a meeting that you will have tomorrow at 1:00pm. How can you invite someone else to the event?
Enter their email address in the Add Guests field
The new calendar you just created also has an HTML version that is basically a public webpage of your calendar. You can share this address if you want people to see your calendar regardless of whether they have a Google account or not. Find the html you would share, and enter the missing word below. google.com/____/embed
Google Tasks integrate well with which other apps? Select all that apply.
google calendar
Although you can add dates and reminders to both Google Tasks and Google Keep notes, why would you choose to use Google Keep? Select all that apply.
Google Keep allows you to add photos
Google Keep can set location-based reminders
Meeting resources, such as projectors, laptops and even rooms, can all be booked through Google Calendar
Which title below is one of the section titles given in a ‘priority inbox.’
Using a Google Doc for keeping minutes is a good idea because: (Select all that apply.)
It lets everyone in the meeting contribute if they want to
Google Docs are hard to lose and easy to find
They can be emailed to people who may have been unable to attend the meeting
They can be set up so that some people can edit them and others can just view them.
Which of the following features does Google Calendar NOT have?
Time travel, for those hard-to-get-to meetings
If your school uses G Suite for Education, the maximum number of participants in a Google Hangout is:
Once you close a Hangout the conversation is lost forever.
Why is creating a Google Group a more effective means of communication than creating a contacts group inside Gmail?
A Google Group has one custom email address, allowing you to bypass Gmail’s one hundred email send limit
What are the three levels of Basic Permission settings in a Group?
“Anyone can ask”
“Only invited users”
When creating a Google Group, selecting the ‘Email list’ group type allows users to interact with the group in which of the following ways?
How can you share your screen with other participants during a Hangout?
Move your cursor to the left edge of the video call window to reveal the menu, then click the Screenshare button.
Chris uses the Find a time feature in Google Calendar to schedule a meeting with his two colleagues Dave and Lisa. His original plan was to meet at 11:00am for an hour, but as he looks at their shared calendars he can see that neither Dave nor Lisa are available at that time. When is the first available time that all three of them could meet?
Chris moves the meeting to another time when everyone is available. He then remembers he also needs to book a meeting room, so he clicks the Rooms, etc. link to see what resources are available at that time. Which room can he NOT book?
Room 02
To create a Google site you must
Go to sites.google.com and click the red “create” button
Dave reviews the agenda for the meeting which is provided as a shared Google Doc linked in the Calendar invitation. As he scans through the list of agenda items he notices that one of his current projects has not been included. He feels it needs to be discussed at the meeting. What should he do to get it included on the agenda?
He should just add it to the agenda himself
Ben and Lisa work at a school that uses G Suite for Education. Lisa tells Ben that Hangouts can have up to 10 people on a call, but Ben thought you could have more. Search the Google Help Center and find out how many people can join a Hangout at one time. (Use number not letters.)
Lisa is in a Hangout with Chris using her Android phone. During the video call she decides she would like to include her friend Ben so she taps the screen and looks for a button that will let her add another person to the call. Based on the screenshot below, which button should she tap?
You are expecting an important email from a guest speaker who is considering doing an instant messaging ‘Ask Me Anything’ Hangout with your students tomorrow, but you have to leave your classroom to fulfill your extracurricular duties on the tennis courts. What is the most efficient action you can take in order to receive the email and confirm the guest speaker’s participation in the next day’s event, despite being away from your desk?
Download and/or activate the Gmail mobile app on your smartphone
Your student, Mary H., is working on overcoming behavior issues in order to be more successful in your classroom. You consistently receive emails from your school’s intervention specialist, from the student’s parents, from the student’s other teachers, and from the school’s Psychologist about upcoming meetings and action steps needed to help Mary H. meet your learning goals. What label titles can you make and apply to the Gmail filter you created for incoming messages about this student so that you can remain organized and find important messages quickly? (Select all that apply.)
Mary H.
Mary H. Parents
Thursday at 5:35 PM, Marcia D. sent you an attached Agenda for tomorrow’s upcoming “Technology Integration Meeting,” and you want to view it before the meeting so that you have ideas and questions ready for the group. To effectively search and find Marcia’s original email, you can search by using which of the following identifiers? (Select all that apply.)
You have not seen the bottom of your email in weeks because students are constantly reaching out to you for help on projects they are working on outside of the classroom. While you are excited the students are engaged, and you don’t mind answering students’ questions, you also have other work that requires your attention. In order to share the responsibility of supporting students in their success within your classroom, which of the following actions would you take to increase effective communication?
Create a student instant messaging group in Hangouts so that students can help other students even when they are not in the classroom
Teachers can invite their students to join their class by sending them a message from:
The Student section in Classroom
All events must be put on the user’s personal calendar as well as any other calendars they create.
with Classroom, you can
Upload class materials
Assign and collect student work
Send announcements to your class
In Classroom, you can add the following to your assignment
When adding a Drive document to a Classroom assignment, you have the following options:
Students can edit file
Make a copy for each student
Students can view file
Where are assignment documents created in Classroom stored?
Google Drive
Students must turn in a document in Classroom in order to complete an assignment.
If a teacher creates a shared folder with a student, each file in that folder:
Can be accessed by the teacher
Teachers can view how many students have turned in their work in Classroom.
Create a new calendar in your Google Calendar list and call it My Public Google Calendar. Make it public. Now what is the second option for permissions? ‘See all event details’ and ‘See only ___ (hide details)’
Students can turn in these kinds of files in Classroom assignments:
Google Sheets
Google Docs
Once students turn in their assignments in Classroom, teachers cannot provide further feedback.
These tools help teachers give feedback to students:
Two ways to provide feedback in Docs are:
suggested edits
What’s the best way to distribute an agenda for an upcoming meeting?
Add the agenda to your Google Calendar invitation as a shared Doc
One way to use Google Classroom to flip your classroom is by:
Sharing videos and readings as announcements in the Classroom stream for students to view prior to coming to class
A teacher wants her students to provide honest but constructive feedback to their peers regarding their performance in a theater production rehearsal. If this was her goal, why would the teacher have unchecked some of the Form Settings options below?
So responses are kept anonymous
A teacher who uses Classroom had his students do an outdoors Math project with their tablet. He could create an ___________ in Classroom to collect their work in an organized way.
How can you initiate a Google Hangout?
Click on the other person’s name in your Gmail chat list
Create an event invitation in your Google Calendar
Use the Hangouts app on your phone or tablet


If you want to advise simple changes to student work (such as adding a comma) but do not want to directly edit the document, you could take advantage of this feature in Docs:
Suggested edits
A fellow Science teacher wants to start using Classroom, but is worried she will need to post information five times because she teaches five sections of the same class. You recommend clicking on _________ to assign to multiple classes.
You can only input data into a Google Sheet through a Google Form.
Which feature limits the type of data that can be entered into a cell?
Data Validation
Which of the following are types of data you can collect with Google Forms?
Which app allows you to analyze data?
Google Sheets
What Google tool creates a digital questionnaire to collect entries from users?
Google Forms
Which function ignores duplicates in a list and returns a single instance of each item?
How can students join a Classroom class?
By joining using a class code
By accepting a teacher’s invitation
Which of the following are types of data you can store in a Google Sheet? (Select all that apply.)
If teachers don’t have Classroom available as a choice but want to communicate at scale with their students, they can:
Create Contact groups to easily send emails and share documents
Users can only use Google Sheets on a Chromebook.
Charts created in Google Sheets can be added to a Google Site
If I don’t want my students to modify a worksheet in a shared folder, I can:
Share the folder as view-only
Which chart can be used to represent trends over time
line chart
Which type of graphs represent values as percentages of a whole?
Pie chart
Google Sheets can be used to share student performance data with others.
Which formula would be used to calculate the average scores in column D?
Mrs. Michaud wants to share the results with another teacher, but not allow the teacher to alter the data. Which of these choices allow this?
Protected Range
Protected Sheet
Create a simple Google Form for Mrs. Michaud to use to collect her student scores more easily. Create a new form quickly by following this link: forms.google.com/create When done editing, click Preview and look at the URL. Fill in the missing word of the URL: docs.google.com/_____/
Which function would provide Mrs. Michaud a compressed list of the standards she has assessed?
Comparing the line graph and pie chart feature set, which of the following is accurate for both?
Both can be shared publicly.
Both can pull data from multiple sources.
Both can be customized.
Forms used in G Suite for Education can’t remain anonymous.
Which of the following is not a modifier used to narrow results in a search?
It is easy to differentiate between results which are ads and natural results in a search.
It is possible to narrow search results to return results based on the following file type(s):
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)


Which of the following domain extensions is likely to have the most accurate information about the government?
Copyright laws only apply to online content that makes people money.
What are some essential points to consider when evaluating the validity of a website? (Select all that apply.)
Ask yourself what opinions or ideas are missing
Consider who published the information
Look at the domain extension for the site
You want to add students to your Classroom class. If you cannot send them an email invitation because Gmail is disabled for your school’s domain, how can you enroll them?
sharing unique class code
Using Advanced search, it is easy to filter images based on usage rights.
As well as being a place to type in URLs from websites, the omnibox also: (Select all that apply.
Gives definitions of words
Works as a calculator
Acts as a timer for tasks
There are many apps on the Chrome Web Store which are specifically designed for educational use.
You should sign into Chrome on:
Your personal computer
Your phone
Your personal tablet
Bookmarking using Chrome is a valuable tool to help to organize resources.
What tool would help a student search more efficiently?
search filters
To customize your browsing experience and access awesome Apps and Extensions visit the ___________ ___________ ___________ (three words).
crome web store
An essential skill today is knowing how to cite sources properly. Creative Commons has a system of licenses and tools for creators to retain copyright while allowing others to:
Remix work


The ability to complete math equations, convert measurements, set timers and define words are all done from directly within the ____________.
A digitally literate person must be able to find, evaluate, use, and communicate information digitally. Which of the following tools help facilitate and enhance digital literacy? (Select all that apply.)
Google Search
Google Scholar
You can insert your own YouTube videos into Google Slides.
In order to create engaging Google slides you can:
Include links on slides to relevant information=
Use shapes and lines to direct the viewers attention to essential information
Include images with captions
Throughout the school year Mrs. Michaud has her students create many science projects and would like to track the progress of her students. She creates a Google Sheet that contains her students’ names with each assignment, date, score, and standard addressed. The columns are:
A: Name
B: Assignment
C: Date
D: Score
E: Standard Addressed
Google Forms
Cropping images can be done right on a slide.
To engage learners with Google Slides:
Use images and videos to connect main ideas for greater visual comprehension
What could you use to share an app purchased through the Google Play for Education Store with students?
A Google Group email address
Individual student email addresses
Many apps in the Google Play for Education Store have been vetted by teachers.
You can browse and filter apps by:
Grade Level
Intended Uses
How can teachers share their experience using an app from the Google Play for Education store?
write a teacher tip
Why would you choose to use Word Art rather than a colored font when creating a Google Slides presentation?
Word Art lets you customize the look more
Teaching students to ‘search smart’ ensures that they: (Select all that apply.)
Save time
Become critical thinkers
Can access information easily
Understand how to narrow search results
Why would you want to hyperlink objects into your own Google Slides presentation? (Select all that apply.)
So students can use the Slides for review and can go to additional resources outside of the presentation.
To make the presentation more graphically appealing
For extending the learning experience for students.
How is the Google Play for Education store different from the regular Play store?
you see teacher reviewed content
Go to the Google Play store and find one app that can be used in your class. Find the URL and paste in the missing part of the URL below. https://____.google.com
Which of the following tools would allow the teacher to add follow-up questions to a video and track which students completed the questions?
google form
YouTube allows teachers to discover, watch, and share high-quality educational videos.
Which of the following G Suite apps have YouTube integration built in? (Select all that apply.)
Google Classroom
Google Slides
Google Forms
Google Sites
Which of the following are filters that can be applied to a YouTube video search? (Select all that apply.)
Which of the following best describes someone who can have a YouTube Channel?
Any YouTube user that creates original videos or creates playlists of videos
Which feature allows you to access all your subscriptions, playlists, and saved playlists from other users?
the guide
By subscribing to a channel, you will get updates every time that channel uploads a new video.
Which of the following are benefits of a playlist? (Select all that apply)
Allows teachers to organize videos by topic
Allows teachers to makes notes about each video
Allows teachers to share a group of videos at once
Which feature would you use to assist a student that does not have proficiency in English?
Captioning and Subtitles
Which video quality setting should you try if you are having a difficult time getting a video to load?
Which of the following statements about Restricted Mode are accurate? (Select all that apply.)
Restricted Mode filters out inappropriate content
Restricted Mode is connected to Google SafeSearch
When evaluating the validity of a website beyond its URL, you can practice the “Rule of 3” which means:
Compare 3 sources of information about the topic
Which of the following are benefits to using full screen mode when presenting a video to a classroom of students? (Select all that apply.)
Easier to read captions (if enabled)
Decreased distraction
Easier for students to see
A Chemistry teacher colleague of yours uses video regularly in their courses, but commented to you about how much time it takes her to find new videos on YouTube. Knowing a bit about YouTube, you suggest that she filter her searches, and suggest that she begin by filtering by _____________ so that she can find groups of videos that are already organized around a theme.
A colleague of yours has been collecting video links in a Google Doc to share with her students. You explain to her that she could use the playlist feature in YouTube instead. Which of the following are advantages to using Playlists over a list of links in a Google Doc. (Select all that apply.)
You can quickly add a video to a playlist directly from within YouTube without having to also open a Google Doc.
Playlists continually play all of the videos in a row.
Students can save your playlist to their YouTube channel.
YouTube gets better and better at delivering content for your classes the more you use it. YouTube uses your watch history to try to predict other channels and videos that you might be interested in and suggests them under What to Watch on your Channel. Additionally, Channel __________ allow you to be notified about subsequent uploads to a channel you like.
When planning for collaborative learning experiences, it is important to:
Align with learning goals and student outcomes
How can technology help motivate collaboration in the classroom for all students?
Some students who are reluctant to speak up in class, have found a new voice when given digital tools
Collaborative learning activities:
Can empower students
Can give students ownership of their learning
Allow students and teachers to become partners in learning
Using Google Docs and Google Drive for collaborative learning, gives teachers the tools to: (Select all that apply.)
Facilitate collaboration
Monitor progress
Check for understanding
Provide feedback to students
To access and review the revisions in a Google Doc:
Click the File menu, then select See revision history
How can a teacher view contributions made by several students in one collaborative Google Doc?
The revision history will color code the revisions made by each student
Why is revision history an important feature to utilize during group activities? (Select all that apply.)
To keep students accountable
To allow the teacher to assess the work of each student individually
To help students track their progress
Which product allows you to create to-do lists shared with many people?
google keep
Which of the following Teacher Tips would NOT be helpful when trying to select content from the Google Play for Education store?
This app is not available in the Google Play store”
Google Calendar allows you to invite guests to an event.
If you want to collect group data quickly, a good choice would be:
google form
What are the reminders in Google Calendar called?
What two stand-out collaborative features of Google Docs help facilitate group work?
Real-time editing and commenting
Which of the following can help improve the success of a collaborative learning experience? (Select all which apply.)
Setting clear expectations
Aligning to the learning goals
Ensuring everyone the opportunity to participate
Choosing the best digital tool for the job
What feature allows you to view all of the changes made by editors on a Google Doc?
revision history
To communicate with others about specific parts of a document, or leave feedback, you can insert a ___________ into the document.
What is an example of an asynchronous discussion?
A Google Group web forum where students participate at various times throughout the day
Mrs. Raney, a high school teacher, has assigned her English II students a collaborative research project on American authors. Her students are very active in extracurricular activities and struggle with finding time to work together after school. Which tool would help her students collaborate outside of class
Video Hangouts
Google Docs comments
Google Groups web forum
the best way to protect your online life is by:
Choosing a strong, secure password, and enabling 2 step verification
A good password should contain:
Uppercase letters
Lowercase letters
Special characters
The main reason for using Chrome in Incognito mode is that:
Your browsing is completely private and secure, and all history is cleared when you close Chrome
You’ve been asking students to watch short videos for homework instead of reading the textbook. Students seem to be prepared for class, but you’re wondering how many of your students are actually watching the videos. Which one of the sharing options below might help you to best gauge the compliance of your class by allowing you to include some comprehension questions?
Embed the video in a Google Form
ou’re working on your sub plans for tomorrow and you’ve got the perfect video to kick off the class. Your second period students can be a bit juvenile, and you really don’t want to risk the fallout of the students reacting to a comment, or related video displayed alongside the lesson opener. How do you share the video to your substitute teacher?
Embed the video in a Google slide deck
How should you handle cyberbullies
document and do not respond
Normally the internet is quite speedy at your school, but it has been slow for a week, and other teachers are starting to complain about the technology resources not being reliable. You know how engaged students are when you use video in your class, and you don’t want other teachers to give up on YouTube. You decide to send out a quick email to your colleagues with a couple tips on _______________.
pre-loading videos and changing the resolution
Your school is embarking on a 1:1 tablet program for grades 3-5. You can’t wait to engage students in challenging activities with these new tools, but you are also concerned about monitoring what students are accessing online. You decide to set up a meeting with your IT administrator to ensure that ______ ______ is turned on for YouTube.
Student panels can help raise awareness of cyber safety principles and strategies.
Being safe online can be simplified to which two concepts:
respect and protect
With all social media sites, you should always carefully manage your:
privacy settings
Student panel discussions are one way to raise awareness about cyberbullying and how to cope with it. What makes these types of events so powerful?
students gets to tell stories in their voices
Why is [email protected] a better password than 53psuurd?
It has upper case letters

It has symbols

It is longer

Numbers and letters are interspersed

Compare how cyberbullying is the same as more traditional bullying in schools. Which of the following is a FALSE comparison?
Students are more used to cyberbullying
Why is resilience important to develop in your students?
Because they will eventually have a negative experience online
If Johnny accidentally deleted a paragraph of his partner’s essay, how can he restore those revisions back into the doc?
From the revision history, locate and select the revision, then select Restore this revision
If you get an email from someone you don’t recognize offering you money or a prize, you should:
delete or report as spam`
A student comes to you because she’s worried she just replied to an email and signed into a site that didn’t seem legitimate. How would you advise her?
Change her password
Clear her browsing history
Delete the email