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Many kids, especially teens, have been subjected to a lot of mature us object matter already, either from social media, the internet, or even at school.People belie eve that books with sexual content should be taken away from young adults, who are deemed incapable f understanding how the author is using it within the novel itself.The book Snow Falling on Cedars by David Gutter’s is a book that is banned for its profanity and sexual content (Banned Books Awareness).

It starts off introduce inning two child hood friends, Carl and Kabul, when they were younger, Kabob’s dad made a deal w tit Carol’s dad to buy the seven acres of land his family had worked on for years.

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When the dead I was almost made, and the payments were almost in, Kabob’s family was taken to a Japanese only y camp when he was 18. After many years when Kabul and his wife moved back to San Pedro opining to buy back the land, Carol’s mom (who is the only person alive who knows of the deal her husband and Kabob’s dad had), said that she already sold the land to an old farmer named Ole Jorgensen.

When Kabul visited Ole to make the final payments for the land, Ole refused to sell it; however, 10 years later, Ole suffered from a stroke rendering him unable to work and f arcing him to sell his acres. Kabul hearing this in the afternoon went to visit Ole to make a deal, but when he got there Ole said that he already had payments from Carl Jar. For all his acres. Kabob u angered by his, stops by Carol’s house to ask about purchasing the seven acres from him.

After they talked for a while, Kabul went home satisfied as Carl wavered on selling him the 7 a cress. No agreement was actually made, until the day before the murder when Carl and Kabul met at sea and agreed to sell him the land. Kabul went home early that morning to tell h is wife the good news, only to be met by police a few hours later and thrown in jail for the AC used murder of Carl Hines. As the trial for the accused man went on, Islanders that knew Carl and Kabul since they were kids, recount the memories they had of their lifetime together.

As some of these memories have to do with the conflict between Carl and Kabul others had to do with the e sexual experiences of them and another character. For example, a boy who grew up with Carl and Kabul, named Shame, recounts how through the years he notices how Hats u (Kabob’s wife) was beginning to change. “She was fourteen and her breasts were beginning t o show beneath her bathing suit. They were small and hard, like apples” (Gutter’s, pig. 98).

Even the Cough this seems explicit for some people, it shows that not only her body is changing but also her mind, and her “love” for Shame is slowly disappearing. This impacts Shame because he area Lily loved her, and when he is faced with a difficult decision at the end to decide whether Kabul I s found guilty, so he can rekindle the “flame” he had with Hates or for Kabul to be released to his family; Shame ponders whether to take love over another man’s freedom. Another reason a book is Often censored is because Of the level Of violence it contains.

Violence is everywhere, whether it’s as pointless as someone pinching another r or as serious as someone shooting another person. Violence is shown on W; ices used at SOHO 01, and read about in newspapers The news doesn’t censor violence because they don’t want people to see it; instead they expose it to show the facts and the dangers of the world, and that’s ha t most authors are doing as well. In , Kabul describes his memories of the war. He says, “Underneath the steady drone of the bees, it had turned out to be a very young boy he had shot directly through the groin… Hen the boy panicked and moved his hand toward his gun, and Kabul shot him one more time in the heart at pointblank range… Yet still the boy refused to die… Begging, pleading, that he wanted the American who had killed him to save him. .. ND when the boy stopped talking his chest twitched a half dozen times and blood ran from his mouth down his cheek. (Gutters 1 5354) This part in the book may be offensive to some because it makes it seem as t Hough the Japanese were stone cold killers, but it’s not just them.

Any man or woman, told to kill t he enemy will do it, under the right circumstances Gutter’s is showing that soldiers had to throw away all their emotions and just focus on defeating their enemies. By censoring parts like the sees, you’re censoring the emotional connection the author is trying to achieve between h is readers and the books characters. Another reason why a book can be banned is because it talks about controvert sisal issues, and one of the most controversial issues is that of racism . As been challenged because of the racism that it is accused of containing . The book was written in 1954 when Pearl Harbor had occurred and the Vietnam War was just beginning. At that time, Americans and the Japanese were not on good terms, and the Japanese were considered “sly and treacherous, can’t trust a Jape, can your (Gutters 391 ). Also, in the book all t he Japanese living in San Pedro were forced to leave their homes and go to a camp built f r keeping a close eye on them (to make sure they weren’t spies).

They were treated really poorly y in the camps; given Emerson houses with no beds or blankets. To get by, they had to help e ACH other out: some made blankets and clothes for people who needed them, and some me n Went around fixing the holes In all the houses so drafts wouldn’t come in. Finally when they got to return home, some didn’t even have a home to return to and had to work on other people’ s farms for shelter and money. This part would be censored because it shows how the U. S treat d people based on heir ethnicity relating to their enemies of that time (the Japanese).

It’s also is malaria the Holocaust and Hitler, except the camps were made to hold the Japanese, not t 0 kill anyone. Censorship remains a prevalent issue in media and literature alike. If something Eng is deemed “inappropriate,” it can be banned, if no one fights against it. It’s imp rattan to remember, that artists and authors alike don’t write without a purpose, without meaning. The author puts this idea perfectly into perspective. He says, “I write because something inner and unconscious forces me to.

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