Cell Test Study Guide

Does not have a nucleus
Has a nucleus
DNA Located
Most of the cell is made up of this, a jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended
Cell Membrane
a thin layer that encloses the cell and controls the movement
a tube like network that enables the cell to transport materials where needed
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cell energy processor helps supply energy to the cell
storage space stores food, water and wastes
contains chlorophyl
cell wall
rigid structure surrounding the plant cell
Who first discovered cells?
Robert Hooke
When was the discovery of cells made?
How are cells organized?
cell-tissues-organs-organ sysytem-organism
What are three parts of the cell theory?
(a) all organisms are made up of one or more cells, (b) cells are the basic units of structure and functions in all organisms, (c) All cells come from other cells that already exist
Name four ways plant and animal cells are different.
(a) Plant cells have chlorophyl, animal cells do not, (b) Plan cells have a cell wall, animal cells don not, (c) plant cells lack lysosomes, (d) the plant cell has a rectangular shape and animal cells are round
Name four ways plant and animal cells are the same.
both have nucleus where the DNA is stored, 9B0 Bothe have a cell membrane that surrounds the cell, (c) Both have ribosomes that make protein needed by the cell, (d) Golgi bodies which package and distrubute proteins