ccp 2.3.1 Study: College Entrance Requirements

Define college entrance requirement.
-a piece of info. that a clog uses to make admissions decisions.
What are the usual entrance requirements for community colleges and vocational schools?
-have to complete application
-high school transcript
What are the typical entrance requirements for four-year colleges?
-personal info.
-courses taken
-perf. scores
-personal statement
-letters of recomm.
-comm. service
-partic. in extracurr. activities
-an interview
Why do two-year colleges look at your transcript? Why do four-year colleges look at it?
Two-year colleges: to learn what courses you have completed so they can place you in courses that are in line with your knowledge of each subject.

Four-year colleges: make sure that you have completed the appropriate courses to meet their entrance requirements and to evaluate your academic performance.

List the subjects that you must complete to be eligible for admission to most four-year colleges and the number of course years required in each subject.
-social studies;3
-world language;2
-physical education;0
Why do colleges look at your standardized test scores?
they want to see how well you did in your classes as an individual as well as in comparison with your classmates and students nationwide
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What is the purpose of a personal statement?
to express what you want to study, to explain why you have chosen to apply to a particular college, and to prove to the college that you would be a great fit for the school.
Who should write a letter of recommendation?
-mentor/ community service director
Taking into consideration where you are right now in your academics and outside activities, do you feel you are on track to apply to the school of your choice?
I feel I need to participate and volunteer in community service gatherings more ofter