CCES Civil War and Reconstruction Essay (5th grade)

This is why Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan made Northern States angry.
Some northerners wanted to punish the South for causing the Civil War.
What was Lincoln’s plan for uniting the country after the ware ended?
Lincoln planned on letting the southern states set up their own state governments and rejoin the Union quickly.
What was the plan of Congress for the south during reconstruction and why was President Johnson opposed (against) to this plan?
Congress put the south under military rule and forced southern states to obey Congress. President Johnson (like Lincoln) wanted the south to rejoin the Union quickly, allowing them to set up their own state governments.
How was sharecropping similar (the same) to slavery?
Sharecropping was like slavery because it involved African-American farmers (former slaves) who rented land from landowners to grow crops. After harvesting the crops, often times the sharecroppers did not have enough money to pay rent for the land and they would go further in debt, (something owed, such as money). The freed slaves remained in debt to the landowner and were not independent (free from the control of another).
What happened to mark the official end of Reconstruction?
President Rutherford Hayes ordered the Union soldiers to leave the South. With the soldiers leaving this meant that the African-Americans didn’t have protection; therefore, many African-Americans to lost their ability to vote.
Who was the General that captured Atlanta, Georgia?
General William Techumseh Sherman
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Name 2 advantages that the South had in the Civil War.
1. Most of the fighting took place in the south and Confederate soldiers were defending land that they knew.
2. The south also had excellent leaders, such as General Robert E. Lee.
Name 2 advantages that the North had in the Civil War.
1. The north had more people-about 22 million. The south only had 9 million and 1/3 of them were slaves.
2. The north had more factories and railroads so they could make more weapons and supplies and could move soldiers quickly from place to place.
Where were most of the civil war battles fought?
The battles of the Civil War were fought mainly in the South. After 163, they were fought entirely in the South.
How were many soldiers in the Civil War killed?
Most soldiers in the Civil War were killed with new rifles.
Describe General Sherman’s total ware strategy.
General Sherman’s strategy of total war included destroying anything the enemy could use to continue fighting. Sherman’s army stole food, killed animals, and wrecked railroad tracks and factories. He did this to make the southerns tired of fighting, hoping the southerns would give up!
As the fighting continued, why did the Confederate army become weaker and weaker?
As the fighting continued, the Confederate army became weaker because the Confederate Government had no money for food or supplies.