Catcher in the Rye: Chapter 25

Where does Holden go after departing from Mr. Antolini’s apartment?
Grand Central Station.
What does Holden do the next day?
He walks up and down Fifth Avenue.
What is happening to Holden?
He is having a slow nervous breakdown.
What does Holden do every time he crosses the street?
Pleads to Allie that he will make it to the other side.
Where does Holden go from Fifth Avenue?
To Phoebe’s school.
What does the note Holden wrote to Phoebe say?
To meet him at the Museum of Natural History so he can give her the money she lent him.
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What does Holden see scrawled on the walls of his old school?
The words “**** you.”
What happens when Holden shows two children the Museum of Natural History’s tomb exhibit in the dark?
They get scared and run off.
What does Holden see in the tomb exhibit?
The words “**** you” written on a wall.
What happens to Holden on his way to the bathroom?
He passes out.
What does Phoebe beg Holden do for her?
Take her with him to escape.
What does Phoebe give back to Holden in frustration?
His red hunting hat.
What does Holden offer to do for Phoebe?
Take her to the zoo.
What does Holden convince Phoebe to do?
Ride the carousel at the zoo.
How does Holden feel sitting down on a park bench while wearing his red hunting hat and watching Phoebe ride the carousel?
Ecstatically happy; he might cry.