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Case Analysis of Stately Furniture and Decor (SF&D)

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1.      List 4 tasks of one Process.

The case study suggested a redesign of customer order process utilizing information technology. Enumerated below are four task of this process:

a. Information disseminations

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Case Analysis of Stately Furniture and Decor (SF&D)

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- To develop a close coordination and, efficient dissemination and delegations of duties for various departments upon receipt of orders

b. Information system development

- To create a system that is efficient, accessible, easy to use by at all staff levels and well-dependable information by various departments of the company

c. Systematic Planning

 - To improve strategies of production planning and control.

d. Production improvements and sales projections

- Projection of sales, facilitates sales forecasting, analyzing competitor prices and address customers’ comments and suggestion for better service and manufacture of furniture

2. Describe the markets or customers of this process. How does this process effect the mission, strategy or goals of the organization?

            The markets or customer of this process is the whole organization, specifically worked by the information system’s department. And the results will benefit the consumer of the manufactured products. The process will be able to facilitate the working strategy of each department and helps to attain the mission of providing high quality furniture at a competitive price on a timely basis. The process will also help to continuously pursue the goals, of becoming more competitive in the world market and giving customer’s high quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery, of the organization.

            By the use of information technology, the sales and marketing department will be able to inform all other department through the system with every confirmed order. Accounting and finance department will be able to provide price analysis in short time. The production team will be able to equip with raw material supplies and work readily of the customer’s order upon confirmation of acceptance by customer from the sales and marketing department. The quality control team will be able to assure that the procurement team has high quality products to supply the production and faster delivery of raw materials needed.

            While the human resource department will be able to know how many more workers are needed to be hired based on customer’s order so the production will be able to manufacture orders at customer’s preference.

            Finally, the department heads and president of the company can easily oversee all the concerned needs and supervise the activities using the information system.

3. For each of the 4 tasks, list the resources needed to complete that task (e.g. Organizational resources or components can be a role, person, technology, business rule, etc….)

a. Information disseminations

            i.  Sales and Marketing Department

            ii. Order receipts and design specification

b. Information system development and updates

            i.  IT personnel

            ii. Information system

c. Systematic Planning

i.   Accounting & Finance

ii.  Production Department

iii. Quality Control Departments

iv.  QC facilities

v.   Procurement and inventory of supplies

vi.  Production and delivery schedules of customer’s orders

d. Production improvements and Sales projections

            i.   Comments and suggestions of customers

            ii.  Sales’ forecast and projection

            iii. Research on prices of raw materials and manufactured products.

4. Sketch a value Added Chain Diagram for Stately Furniture and Decors (SF&D)

5. Sketch of a partial Swimlane Diagram of tasks enumerated in the process.


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