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Caring for Children

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For unit 8 you must put together a portfolio of research into a number of different topics as indicated by the headings below. The portfolio should include current and relevant research, information and materials from a variety of sources, refer to child development and identify, where appropriate, the relevance of current legislation.

The portfolio may include documents generated through different aspects of your work such as: action plans, curriculum and routine plans, notes of activities, images, audio files, narrative accounts, media other than text, reports and presentations, leaflets, booklets, diaries and other suitable ways of showing research information and materials.

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Caring for Children

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Throughout the portfolio you should ensure that you address diversity and inclusive practice where appropriate for the task.

You may use appropriate materials from this portfolio to contribute towards your external Research assessment task.

Portfolio Content

E1 Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in caring for children (Gather and present information about the role of the practitioner when caring for children. This could include: meeting the needs and supporting the rights of children, working with their families, working in a team and with other professionals, compliance with legal requirements, care of themselves (the practitioner), training and development, attitudes/values of practitioners, inclusive practice)…….

A1 Include a reflective account of the role of the practitioner in caring for children (Develop the information gathered for E1 and use your experiences to consider and show understanding of your practice in caring for children. Use this reflection to suggest appropriate ways you could develop your role as a practitioner when working with children).

E2 Collate information about how care for children may be provided within families and society (Gather and present information about the many different ways children are cared for by families and by society. This may include: types of family care plus the range of statutory, voluntary, private and independent settings)

E3 Include evidence which compares the differing roles of statutory, private, voluntary and independent settings (Provide evidence that looks at the roles of statutory, private, voluntary and independent settings that care for children - their main differences and similarities. > Statutory - provided by the state, e.g. schools

Private - businesses that make a profit, e.g. private day nurseries > Voluntary - national and local organisations e.g. parent and toddler groups > Independent - e.g. pre-preparatory settings; kindergartens).

E4 Include a summary of the main regulations that govern the care of children in different types of settings (State in a concise way the main regulations that regulate and control the care of children in a range of settings, eg Children Act 2004. The main points of this act that regulates care of children are…….)

C1 Analyse how the main regulations can influence the provision of care. (A development of E4. Consider how the main regulations and controls you identified in E4 can influence the provision of care available for children)

E5 Include TWO (2) activities which will each support and maintain a different aspect of the daily care of children (Include a description of TWO (2) suitable activities.
Each activity should support and maintain a different aspect of the daily care of children)

E6 Include an explanation of the key issues which enable multi-professional teams to work together (Give details of the main factors that enable teams of professionals with different expertise to work successfully together, eg It is essential to respect and value the knowledge and skills of other professionals because…….)

B1 Evaluate ways to work effectively in multi-professional teams to support the care of children ( A development of E6. A detailed consideration and reasoned judgements of the issues (described in E6), to ensure support for children through successful multi- professional teams. Discussion of the effectiveness of ways could include: advantages and disadvantages of multi- professional teams, overcoming barriers to communication, consultation, and holistic approach to care of children, reflective practice…….

E7 Provide evidence of current and relevant research throughout the portfolio (This criterion will be met if work is supported by appropriate references to current and relevant research).

D1 Provide evidence to show how knowledge of child development can contribute to the recognition of children's care needs Supply evidence of how knowledge of child development helps the practitioner recognise individual children's care needs. This may include: reliable and valid assessments of individual children, use of developmental norms, knowledge of age/stage appropriate care, prediction of next stages, understanding differences and valuing diversity, influences on development, the particular needs of individual children…….

D2 Discuss TWO (2) strategies for improving your own learning and performance (Think about and provide detailed information about two different ways you can improve and develop your own learning and performance) .

E8 Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice (This criterion will be met if work in the portfolio demonstrates that all children and their families should have their individual rights and needs identified and met).

E9 Include references and bibliography
(At least TWO (2) references must be made in the text to relevant books, articles, magazines or web sites. These are sources of information and the sources used should be listed at the end of the assignment in a bibliography. Sources of background reading can also be included in the bibliography. For more information, see CACHE - Finding the Level.

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