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Career Journals


A reproductive endocrinologist specializes in examining and treating disorders related with reproductive organs. They also recommend treatments and carry them out; making sure that the process goes through well. This professional will help Ms.

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King by assessing her body and any problems that could be associated to getting pregnant. Ms. and Mr. King will be assessed to find any problems related to their reproductive organs, as well as recommend treatments if there are any problems found and follow the progress of the treatment.


An andrologist specializes in men’s health including illnesses and dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and general trauma. They also interview and diagnose patients for their condition. They administer treatments to the patient as well as conduct tests and examine reports from the patient.

This professional will examine Mr. Kind specifically to find any problems relating to reproductive dysfunctions or illnesses that affect men. The andrologist will follow up with Mr. King after conducting tests if there are any treatments needed to help the couple have a child.


An embryologist performs laboratory procedures to create animal or human embryos. They retrieve eggs from the mother and sperm from the father to perform in vitro fertilization, as well as prepare the embryos for insertion into the patient. The process of inserting the sperm into the egg (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is done by the embryologist. They also prepare the embryo for transfer into the patient, making sure the embryo is in good shape, and cryopreserve any other embryos that will not be used during the process. This doctor will give the couple a very advanced choice towards having a prepared pregnancy, informing them on how the process is and what they will have to do to have the gender of their liking.

There come very small risks with the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. This procedure is done by the embryologist made from the sperm of the father and the eggs of the mother. Three days after starting the process, the embryos have divided into various embryos, and the embryologist is able to take a cell from each embryo to determine the sex. The embryo with the desired sex would then be implanted in Ms. King. There is a very small risk of damaging the embryo, since it is an extremely early stage and is handled carefully. It is also proven that it does not increase the chance of birth defects. The best part is that it is 99% accurate and is the most recommended alternative when trying to have a planned baby. The only downside would be the price, which is $2,500 – $7,000, and is not covered by medical insurance.