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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment It is only just that the worst, most appalling crimes deserve the harshest possible punishment, the capital punishment. Although the death penalty is considered a cruel and unusual punishment, life time incarceration can be seen as a form of torture and thus making the death penalty more humane by default. Capital punishment is often attacked due to the fact that in the past innocent citizens have been convicted to it. However, most of these arguments made were before the advancement in DNA analysis.

At a crime scene “the chance of coincidental genetic matches may be in the range of 1 in billions to 1 in several quadrillion” (http://deathpenalty. procon. org/view. resource. php? resourceID=002000) leaving the margin for error less than an 1%. Thanks to the system of DNA analysis, capital punishment would have virtually no errors on whom the person is that was convicted. Now that the death penalty wont convict innocent people for crimes that they have not committed, know there is no downfall to showing convicts justice. Even though the margin of error is very small, no justice system is ever 100% accurate.

If we as humans don't want systems that are not 100% accurate then "The inevitability of a mistake should not serve as grounds to eliminate the death penalty any more than the risk of having a fatal wreck should make automobiles illegal... " (http://deathpenalty. procon. org/view. resource. php? resourceID=002000#5) and there has not been one recorded event of an innocent person receiving the death penalty since 1976. It doesn't give a good impression if we show prisoners more sympathy than the actual victim. "Society is justly ordered when each person receives what is due to him. " (http://www. philforhumanity. om/Capital_Punishment. html)  Crime doesn't stop ever, criminals that break laws thinking that they can go to court and have a lawyer try to appeal for them and get them out of the death penalty or even out of jail. But if the capital punishment wasn't restrained by all these other things such as the appeal process, crime might go down. Prison has been around for such a long time and criminals know that the punishment for breaking the law is prison and crime still has not deteriorated even the slightest. It is pathetic that we as American citizens haven't found a better way to regress crime or even slightly slow it down. Deserved punishment protects society morally by restoring this just order, making the wrongdoer pay a price equivalent to the harm he has done. " (http://www. balancedpolitics. org/death_penalty. htm)  This is a perfect example of how a society should operate due to capital punishment. The death penalty can act as another crime deteriorate which is what we as a country need, due to our horrible crime rate. Justice is frankly better served when capital punishment is enforced. Murderers that feel know regress for what they have done for the victims have a chance to be incarcerated instead of justice being served.

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Capital Punishment

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They overpopulate prisons and prisons are a form of safety to outsiders, but what about other prisoners that didn't commit a heinous crime? They have to live with the risk of living with a murderer. The death penalty eliminates the risk for anyone else to be hurt my the murderer that has been convicted. It also doesn't make sense for criminals to have multiple life sentences. Even though the prisoner has a life sentence without possibility of parole, there is nothing stopping them from killing others in prison.

And that brings me to another point, the prisoner still has the chance to escape prison and/or get out by parole, "Perhaps the biggest reason to keep the death penalty is to prevent the crime from happening again. The parole system nowadays is a joke. " (http://www. balancedpolitics. org/death_penalty. htm)  Keeping the Death penalty eliminates the possibility of the prisoner committing a crime ever again. What do people fear the most? It isn't prison that people fear the most, "People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death"(http://www. prosandconsof. et/what-are-the-pros-and-cons-of-the-death-penalty/)  This is the perfect example of why the death penalty should be used in the states. If a criminal hears that they will be issued the death penalty verses a life in prison, they would rather spend a lifetime in prison. Murders being executed will be the best way to scare criminals into not doing crimes because it is death they fear most. The family of a murder victim will never find peace knowing that the killer of a loved one is still living peacefully in a jail cell. The death penalty would bring them retribution, knowing the killer isn't out there anymore to cause harm to anyone else.

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