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Canon Price List

An ISO 9001 Registered Company) ICIS Computers (I) Pvt.Ltd., GS-2, Radha Palace, East of Dhantoli Park, Abhyankar Road, Dhantoli, Nagpur.

Maharashtra State.

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Tele-Fax No: – 0712-2448528 (Hunting Lines) Alok Pagay ( Mobile – 9922903994 ) Shankar Bourashi (Mobile -9922915830) Arvind kalchuri (Mobile:-9371042331) Monthly Price list Price List for Month of December 2010 MODEL PIXMA IP 1300 PIXMA IP 2770 PIXMA IP 3680 PIXMA IP 4760 PIXMA IP 4870 IX4000 IX5000 IX 7000 IP 100 IX 100 with battery Pro 9000 Mark II Pro 9500 Mark IILaser LBP 2900B Laser LBP 3108 Laser LBP 3300 Laser LBP 3300 N Lser LBP 3370 Laser LBP 3460 Laser LBP 6300DN Laser LBP 6650DN Laser LBP 3500 LBP 3500 N LBP 3500 DN Laser LBP 5050 Laser LBP 5050N Laser LBP 7200CD Laser LBP 7200CDN Laser LBP 7750CDN Laser LBP 9100CDN Laser LBP 5970 Canon MF 4320D Canon MF 4350D Canon MF 4370 DN Canon MF 4680 Canon MF 5870DN Canon 4380DN Canon MF 1150 Canon MF 8030CN Canon MF 8050CN Canon MF 8050CDN Canon MF 8450C COLOUR BUBBLE JET FAMILY Single Function /1 Yr.

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