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An essay or paragraph about their charity what it means to them, why it was chosen, or whatever they would care to say on the subject. Teens and Seniors at least 75 words. Helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back I have lost many 72%- program services: cancer research, [patient support, detection/treatment, prevention 28%- general, fundraising, advertising fight against cancer Cancer is classically defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells In the body. But, is feels like so much more than that to anyone who has experienced its sign of terror.

To me cancer is defined as. Cancer goes far beyond sickness. I have lost many family members to different kinds of cancer such as heart, lung, bone marrow, and colon. I sometimes wonder if there was some way It could have been prevented. That is why my studio's charity of choice is the American Cancer Society or ACS. The ACS is dedicated to researching, treating, and preventing cancer In people all around the world. When a donation Is made to ACS 72% of the money Is put towards program services such as cancer research, patient support, detection/ treatment, and prevention.

ACS devotes themselves to understanding cancer's causes, determining the best way to prevent It, and discovering new ways to cure It. Cancer produces malignant tumors which Invade, compress, and eventually destroy healthy tissue. Drinking excess alcohol, excessive sunlight exposure, smoking, and obesity are some of the bad habits we practice. Cancer can be detected early using different apparatus and tests like MR.. Scan, CT scan, Complete Blood Count (CB) and Biopsy. The earlier we detect cancer, the lesser symptoms we'll experience and the chance to cure this disease before It spread all over our body.

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