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Campaign Objectives

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The secondary objective of this campaign is to raise funds to further research into the cause of cancer in young children. The campaign will call for donations to fund research grants, facilitate research hospitals, and fund cancer programs to aid in conquering this disease. The donations will be the main source of funding for these programs and will be distributed accordingly to the appropriate destinations to ensure that nothing is squandered and that the cause will move forward.

Tertiary Objective The tertiary objective of this campaign is to move the government of Canada o aid those who are suffering from children's brain cancer and to support the research of children's brain cancer as strongly as it does other cancers. Brain cancer is one of the rarest and most deadly forms of cancer, yet it does not receive hardly as much support as it should from the government, which funds research to other, more common forms of cancer.

Conclusion Singling out the target audience and giving them a message that they cannot ignore, as well as educating the general population as well can achieve these objectives. This campaign is about raising awareness and generating action, both of which will help to further push the movement to discover what causes brain cancer in young children and to eradicate it once and for all, for all generations. Primary Target Add mince The primary audience that this campaign will look to reach is males and females aged 25+ who have been affected by children's brain cancer, either within their own family or someone that they know.

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Campaign Objectives

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This is the age group that is beginning to take notice of important issues that are taking place currently, and are able to actively participate in helping certain causes that are close to them. People in this age group are also either know of people who are starting a family, beginning families of their own, or already have a family (children, nephews, etc. ). This will be a strong motivating factor for them to actively participate in this campaign.

The primary target contains both males and females, as this message is for everyone to hear and participate. This target have part time jobs and are able to contribute monetarily if they feel obligated too, but they also love to share things with other people in their social media circles. This will be important to further expand the message of the campaign. This target audience is in contact with various forms of advertising every day and is kept up to date by different forms of social media as to what people in their social circles are talking about.

This is an important vehicle for information to be shared and the best way to reach this demographic. There is no distinction between race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or culture. This is an issue that does not see any of these things and neither will the campaign to end it. There is such a diverse population in Canada that everyone in some way is affected and everyone can make a difference. Primary Demographic Chart Characteristics Minimal Data Additional Data Age 25 + 70. % of Canada's total population Gender Male Education High School College university This target has completed high school and received at least one form of post secondary education or are currently enrolled Religion Various Race Principal Language Spoken English French Non-official Languages 59. 7% English 27. 6% French 12. 7% other Coco patio n Student Employed Retired The majority of this target group has graduated from high school and a post secondary institution and are either currently employed in their chosen field f study, or have retired from that field.

Individual Income $0-$10,000 $1 0,oho + $0-10,000: Student working part-time $10,000 -F: Full and part-time workers Marital Status Single Married Living With Partner Common-Law Divorced/Separated Household Type With Children Without Children Nuclear Family Single Parents 9,389,700: The total number of families in Canada Type of Home unit Home Apartment/Condo Residence (Dorm) Home Ownership Own Rent Monthly Rent Payments Monthly Mortgage Payments Home Location Nationwide Large Urban Centers Us burs Rural Areas Principal Shopper self Family Member

Audience As A Consumer Primary Audience Who They buy items for themselves as well as for their loved ones, family members, children, etc. What They purchase life's necessities; food, water, clothing etc. For themselves or for the people they live with. They purchase luxury items online, download movies and music wirelessly, and watch most of their television online They are aware of which brands are popular and make conscious decisions to purchase those brands They purchase items that are directly related to a cause that they are passionate about or that they feel need their support Where

They buy their clothing either online or in specialty malls or outlets. They buy their food from various different grocery stores depending on their personal or household incomes They purchase other things they need for their homes at specific retailers specializing in those needs When They buy the necessities such as food when they deem it necessary (once a week, once every two weeks, etc) . They purchase expensive items when they can afford it They buy things according to specific holidays or events; birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

They make purchase from home online when hey can relax and not feel rushed, or when they have the time to physically go somewhere and buy, Why Some purchases are basic and are required for living Purchases are made on instinct when they are in need of a positive feeling or when they feel they deserve to splurge They purchase items where portions go to a cause they are sympathetic towards or believe can help make a difference. They purchase items to celebrate special occasions. How Debit and credit are the most common Cash is used when it is a smaller item or when they had the time to go to the bank and withdraw the necessary amount.

Chirography's Activities They are involved in social media They watch popular television shows and movies They work hard at their jobs They enjoy various leisure activities They enjoy spending time with loved ones They enjoy reading about the latest world news They ensure to spend time with their children They are health conscious Caring for a child with brain cancer Researching brain cancer and treatments Interests If they have them, their children Reading Social Media Technologically savvy High brand recognition Image conscious Their children's extracurricular activities Enjoys positive recognition Enjoys high priced commodities

Being part of a community World events Medical developments in the field of brain cancer Opinions Children are the future of the country Children should be nurtured and allowed to grow up to be healthy, normal adults Health Care should be more expansive Things are getting more and more expensive It is hard to make a good living now Cancer is a terrible issue and needs to be studied intensely Cancer in children is devastating Secondary Target Audience The secondary target audience that this campaign will reach is Canadians aged 25 + years of age who have never had any experience with children's rain cancer.

These are people who have already established families and are in a position to assist in seeking an end to children's brain cancer. These Canadians may not have necessarily had any experience with children's brain cancer, but they know someone who has been affected by some form of cancer in their lifetime. They are aware of the devastation cancer can cause and have strong opinions and feelings about it. This target group is also composed of males and females (50/50), and aims to bring awareness and a call to action for those who do not have a personal experience with children's brain cancer.

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