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Camelina: a Market Forecast and Strategy Report

Camelina: a Market Forecast and Strategy Report 40 graphs and charts Camelina: a Market Forecast and Strategy Report 40 graphs and charts Published March 2010 From Biomass Advisors, a Biofuels Digest company Camelina has been much in the news of late, as a biofuels feedstock of strong promise, because of its position as one of the few “sustainable, affordable, reliable, available” feedstocks suitable for aviation biofuels.In November, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made the first biofuels test flight with passengers on board, powering one engine with a mixture containing biofuel made from Camelina.

Great Plains – The Camelina Company provided some of the Camelina used to make the fuel for this flight.Earlier, camelina was one of the feedstocks powering the Japan Airlines biofuels test, while the U.

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S. military has performed ground engine tests on camelina-based jet fuel in preparation for FA-18 Hornet fighter jet flights planned for this spring. Biofuels Digest has covered the camelina story in 71 different stories since 2007. But what’s the bottom line, for the grower, processor, end user, investor or policymaker?

Biomass Advisors — a Biofuels Digest company focused on in-depth research — will release its definitive report on camelina in March 2010, including 40 charts and graphs. It’s based on unparalleled access to and cooperation with key stakeholders, on trends in processing, yields, geographies, and the end user markets opening up for high-value animal feed, and liquid transportation fuels (including aviation biofuels). In the report you’ll find the timeliness and perspective expected of the Digest — but with far more depth than a daily newsletter can provide.

To reserve a copy or for more information, use this link to email us with “reserve” or “more information” in the subject line. Or to order your copy for $495, click on the button below: Table of Contents 1. Overview 1. 1. What is Camelina? 1. 2. Camelina’s development 1. 3. Camelina for the grower: a wheat rotation crop 1. 4. Camelina for the processor: omega-3 rich meal, high-yielding oilseed 1. 5. Camelina for the end user: animal feed, renewable jet fuel, biodiesel 2. Camelina’s Geography 2. 1.

Opportunities within the wheat belt 2. 2. Additional opportunities in grazing or idle lands 2. 3. Trial locations and yield patterns 3. Camelina’s Economics 3. 1. Camelina oil: uses and values 3. 2. Camelina meal: uses and values 3. 3. Camelina economics 3. 3. 1. Inputs: fertilizers, herbicies, pesticides, labor 3. 3. 2. Outputs: yields and values 3. 4. Comparison of Camelina to other rotation crops: geography, yields, economics 3. 5. Camelina’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainability 3. 6.

Camelina Subsidies, Incentives, Grants, Mandates and Approvals for Use 3. 6. 1. National 3. 6. 2. State 3. 6. 3. Local 4. The competition: Petroleum Oil Economics 4. 1. Oil market trends and forecasts 4. 2. Camelina end markets size and potential 5. Camelina Production Forecast 5. 1. Oil parity analysis 5. 2. Available land analysis 5. 2. 1. Wheat fields available for rotation 5. 2. 2. Idle land available for Camelina production 5. 3. Agriculture adoption patterns 5. 4. Existing, planned and potential refineries 5. 5.

Camelina production forecast 5. 5. 1. Biodiesel 5. 5. 2. Biojet fuel 5. 5. 3. Biolubricants and biomaterials 5. 5. 4. Animal feed 5. 6. Theoretical maximums 5. 7. Potential impact of market distortions 5. 8. Sensitivity analysis 6. Business and Investment Opportunities 6. 1. Transport and logistics 6. 2. Pressing 6. 3. Refining and blending 6. 4. Site selection considerations 6. 4. 1. Current and planned refineries 6. 4. 2. End-market locations and off-take partners 7. Case Studies, Profiles 8. Additional Resources and Information ?

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