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Leslie Marion CEO of JCW Inc. has identified she will need $125,850 to open a Reference School Center in Houston, Texas. The funds will cover the purchase and installation of the equipment and machinery, leasehold improvements, inventory, office equipment, and working capital to start the business.

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Leslie Marion will contribute $20,000 to the project from personal funds. The remainder of $105,850 is requested to be a SBA loan at 6. 00% interest amortized over 5 years. The loan is to be secured by the equipment, and inventory, as well as the personal guarantee of Leslie Marion.

JCW is a company investing in educational field for a learning center that caters to families with children who needs academic support. The Reference School Center at Houston will be a very attractive school for those who need special attention on preschool through high school difficulties. The program is based on the brain research that has accumulated in the last decade. This research suggests that stimulating the mind with mental exercise may cause brain cells, called neurons, to branch widely.

This branching causes millions of additional connections between brain cells. Studies demonstrate that our brains develop throughout our lives and that they are constantly being modified and that training and practice can stimulate brain development in targeted areas. This is known as neuroplasticity. JCW company based on neuroplasticity studies created a special program to help the students to learn more from their works and solv their difficulties on memorization and getting knowledgement. We believe in our success and in our investment in the educational area.