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Business quiz test answer

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Correct Question: Values, beliefs, habits. Norms, and behavior make up the organizational . Your Answer: culture Correct Question: serve as a baseline for actions and decision making and guide employees in the organization's intentions and interests. Your Answer: Values Question: A company's mission Correct is its primary reason for existence. Your Answer: Question: The primary resource of all organizations Is .

Your Answer: employees Incorrect Question: Organizational climates are counter-productive to Correct corporate cultures. Your Answer: Question: The process of collecting information about the external environment to identify and analyze trends is called: Your Answer: environmental scanning. Correct Is a function of the ability to learn and to perform according to changes In the environment.

Your Answer: Organizational adaptability Correct Question: For many organizations, what customers value often becomes the company's: Your Answer: distinctive competitive advantage Correct Question: The final step in the basic planning process is controlling and evaluating the results Correct Question: Which of the following questions applies directly to the function of planning? Your Answer: What do we want to accomplish? Incorrect Question: The step in the basic planning process would the statement "This organization will capture 5% more of the product market in the next 2 years" focus upon: Your Answer: production schedules.

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Business quiz test answer

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