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What Type Of Business Are You Proposing To Start?

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1) What type of business are you proposing to start? (That is, what is its prime function going to be? What product/service will the business be selling)? I am proposing to start a skateboard retailing business. I will be selling a variety of scooters, skateboards, wheels, boards, helmets, elbow and knee pads, cleaning products, skateboard magazines and accessories. A variety of the nicest brands, which include: Face2Face, DC, Supreme, Billabong, Roxy, DJK, etc.

2) What name will you give your proposed Business?

Why have you chosen this name? I will be naming my business “Skateboard Mania”. I have chosen this name because it will attract skateboarders, to shop at my store and supply their skateboard needs.

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What Type Of Business Are You Proposing To Start?

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3) Where is your proposed business going to be located? Why have you chosen this location? My business will be located in Manly on the beach because there is a lot of Skateboarders in Manly and multiple skate parks such as; Manly Sk8 Park, Manlyvale, Keirle Park and more, where competitions are often held. There is a large promenade along the beach as it’s known for where most teenagers skateboard and hang out.

4) Justify why this is a small business. Skateboard Mania will be a small business because: - it will be owned and operated by one person - it has less than 20 employees - it is a sole trader - it is not dominant in the industry.

5) Why did you choose this business? I have chosen this business because I have a passion for skateboarding, I enjoy the beach, long skates along the promenades and there is only one skate shop in Manly.

6) What aspects of the business do you plan to study? I plan to study the following aspects: - Product or business idea and its potential - Staff and Management Requirements - Market Analysis - Financial analysis and cash flow - Summary of the future prospects of the business.

7) How do you plan to obtain your information?

8) List any possible problems or obstacles, you might experience when doing this research task. - Poor time management - After school activities - Difficulty - Procostination.

9) Explain how you will present you work? My project will be presented in a display folder following an oval presentation that will be done on Microsoft PowerPoint.

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