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Business Plan on One Stop Automobile Solution

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Gigabit. And for our one stop service we have selected 8 most important area where our technicians will be available for service providing. If anyone has any problem regarding his/her vehicle and make a call to us then our local depot technicians' will go there and will fix that problem. We will go for racket lease from DUMP, which will help us to move those vehicles which are badly break downed. In order to secure 100% one stop service we have an office space In our Subtotal repairing shop and our communication officer will receive call from there.

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Business Plan on One Stop Automobile Solution

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In order to learn about the market tenability, we were surveyed to thirty respondents and ask them questions regarding the Industry. We have also done Porter's five, PEST analysis and SOOT analysis to get an inside view of the markets internal and external environmental factors. Our initial investment is TX. 26, 15,000 (including rear promotion cost) and our breakable intuits and breakable monitory value dollar value is TK4792254. 94 In addition, we go for NIP and found that in very beginning year we have loss and after that it will take three year (total rear) to recover our initial investment.

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