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Business Letter

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After verifying the rder within our system, It was determined that an order was placed on December 21 for a black Griffin Power Duo IPhone Charger. However, I am reminded that our company had hired two new employees who started receiving telephone orders around December 21 .

Therefore, I think that they either did not hear clearly or possibly took down incorrect color. As the result of the error, I have already implemented further training of telephone personally. I can promise that the specifics of all future purchase orders will be confirmed determinately. Your satisfaction is very important to us, Miss Ho. Although our company has earned reputation as a premier manufacturer of electronic products, we still cannot continue to do correct item business without loyal customers like you.

Over the years, the support of your customers has made us successful, and we hope with that this prompt delivery of your new IPhone Charger, we will continue to have your patronage. Also please take a look at the enclosed catalogue of our newest electronic products. I am looking forward to supplying you any necessary details about our products, so do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

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