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Bus Law consists of the suggested rules of conduct that govern commercial relationships.
Many market transactions occur without legal guidelines
Because of the law we rely on the goodwill and dependability of one another
Crimes are prosecuted by the government, not individuals.
Public law involves disputes between private individuals or groups and their government
Another name for case law is common law
Case law interpretations are law unless they are revoked later by statutory law.
The term "stare decisis" means "reversing the decision."
A decision of a state supreme court is binding on a lower state court located in the state
A decision from a state supreme court in one state is binding ona trial court judge in another state if the other state has no applicable law on the issue involved
Constitutions and statutes are complete in the sense of covering the detailed rules that affect gov and bus relations
Presidents claim the power to issue exec orders on the basis of their Article II, Section 1 constitutional power to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed."
Ethical conversation is primarily about finding the one and only right thing to do
The social responsibility of business is formed by expectations employees have of employers.
Penny is investigating what she needs to do to legally open a dog grooming business in her city. Which of the following would govern the business?
State statutes, city ordinances, and model laws
Which of the following is not a purpose of the law as set forth in the text?
Encouraging taxation
Which of the following most accurately sets forth ways into which law may be divided and classified?
National v international, federal v state, public v private
Which of the following involves disputes between private individuals or groups?
Private Law
Which of the following involves disputes between private individuals or groups and their government?
Public Law
Which of the following involves remedies available to an individual when his or her rights are violated?
Civil law
Which of the following applies to situations in which someone commits and act against the public as a unit?
Criminal law
Laws are enforced by which of the following?
These rules are what we refer to as the
Assume a businessperson who owns a comp store is delinquent in paying rent to the landlord

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