Business environment

Any investor strongly aspires to build a great and a profound company, and the success of any given business critically depends on the individuals involved. This infers that, the business activity involved has to be handled by individuals who are involved and committed to the growth and the growth of the given activity.

These individuals may entail such duties as; satisfying clients, assisting partners, and promoting the communities in which they carry out their trade. Hence, these individuals or groups must be held responsible for attaining big, daring goals with resolute integrity. Therefore, for a business activity to progress, individuals who are leaders, who understand that to be strictly great, one must persistently endeavor to do better individually while helping others progress.

However, a major disparity which relates to this whole concept of business environment pertains to negligence. More than often most investors have cited negligence as one factor greatly affects any business progression and equally resulting into massive losses or legal tussles (Munguti, 2007).

Typically, negligence can be either  from the employer or from the employee, generally as legal issue, negligence greatly affects the business activity as well as damaging the image of the given business.

This is due to the fact that, the injured parties are more than often forced to seek damages which are often hefty payments or the imprisonment of the involved individual. It should be noted that, negligence can be said to be a legal circumstance in which the employer ignores or fails to provide suitable work atmosphere that is risk free and is supportive of workers rights.

Examining such definition, it is quite apparent that, there are a number of critical situations that can be considered as employer negligence. For instance, an employer may be viewed as negligent for failing to offer suitable training to his workers or where he is considered not to uphold safety and health standards.

Equally, another important aspect is, in any given business activity the employer may also be blamed of employer negligence if he employs a worker with violent attitudes.

From a business aspect, the employer have an ethical responsibility to ascertain that the business environment is secure for both the workers as well as the clients, also the employer is legally obliged do so . Typically, many nations have passed and implemented policies that are designed to compel employers to meet certain legal provisions in order to protect the workers.

Hence, on the other hand, several jurisdictions have legal structures for protecting workers rights. Therefore, if in a given business activity the employer fails to operate within the defined legal boundaries, he or she becomes vulnerable to being sued for being negligence.

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