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Business Analysis & Valuation

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Bernard Sue Wright Michael Bradbury Philip Lee Publishing manager: Alison Green Publishing editor: Greg Stuttered Senior project editor: Nathan Katz Developmental editor: Kylie Eminences Text design: Pier Video Design Production controller: Penelope Analysis Permissions research: Ocarina Attaches Editor: Frances Wade Indexer: Russell Brooks Proofreader: Craig McKenzie Cover: Design - Olga Lavished Typeset by Knowledge's Global Limited (KILL) 010 Coinage Learning Australia Pity Limited Copyright Notice This Work is copyright.

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These limitations include: Restricting the copying to a maximum of one chapter or 10% of this book, whichever is greater; providing an appropriate twice and warning with the copies of the Work disseminated; taking all reasonable steps to limit access to these copies to people authorized to receive these copies; ensuring you hold the appropriate Licenses issued by the Copyright Agency Limited ("CAL"), supply a remuneration notice to CAL and pay any required fees.

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Business Analysis & Valuation

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For details of CAL licenses and remuneration notices please contact CAL at Level 15, 233 castellated street, Sydney NEWS 2000, Tell: (02) 9394 7600, Fax: (02) 9394 7601 Email: [email protected] Com. AU Website: www. Copyright. Com. AU For product information and genealogy assistance, in Australia call 1300 790 853; in New Zealand call 0800 449 725 Any URL contained in this publication were checked for currency during the production process. Note, however, that the publisher cannot vouch for the ongoing currency of URL.

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