Building Quiz 3

College of Aviation
Built in 1952
W.K. Kellogg Airport
College of Aviation has classes for
Aviation Flight Science
Aviation Science and Administration
Aviation Maintenance Technology
College of Aviation things to note
former airport and tower
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Built in 2003
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences has classes for
Civil and Construction Engineering
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Design
Computer Science
Material Sciences and Engineering
Paper Engineering and Imaging
Facilities Management
WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
Donated in Fall 2012
Class of 2014=1st class
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School of Medicine things to note
100$ Million anonymous cash donation on April 11, 2011
Branch Campuses
Battle Creek
Benton Harbor-St. Joseph
Grand Rapids
South Haven
Traverse City
Bernhard Center
Built in 1957
Named after John T. Bernhard
Bernhard Center features
Buster’s Bookstore
Bernhard Cafe
Faculty Dining Services
Student Center (ballrooms for rsos’ such as cab/wsa
Student organization center (SOC)
– houses 35 RSOs
Computer Lab (24hrs)
Bronco Express
Bronco Card Center
Bronco Mall (subway, bigby, etc)
PNC Bank
Textbook Alley
Ellworth Hall
Built in 1956
Named for Frank Ellsworth
Ellworth Hall features
Division of Multicultural Affairs
Lewis Walker Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations
International Student Services
Study Abroad
Fall Welcome Office
Center for Academic Success Programs (writing center, exploratory advising, alpha, university curriculum)
Everett Tower
Built in 1971
Named for John P. Everett
Everett Tower features
Faculty Offices for Math, Physics and Statistics
Faunce Student Services
AKA The Birdcage
Named for L. Dale Faunce
Faunce Student Services features
Res Life
Office of Student Conduct
WMU Apartments Office
The Western Herald Office
Dean of Students Office
Seita Office
Office of Off-Campus Life
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
WIDR FM (Western’s Inter-Dormitory Radio)
Office of the VP for Student Affairs
Fetzer Center
Built in 1983
Named for John W. Fetzer
Fetzer Center features
Business Development and Research Center
Fetzer Center things to note
The 1984 Detroit Tigers’ World Series trophy is inside
Friedmann Hall
Built in 1971
Named for Rob Friedmann
Friedmann Hall features
WMUK FM – NPR Station
College of Arts and Sciences advising and offices
– Computer Science, Economics, History and PolySci
Kanley Memorial Chapel
Built in 1951
Named for William Kanley
Kanley Memorial Chapel features
Home to 24 Campus ministries
Many weddings held here
Bell Tower plays Fight Song and Alma Mater alternation each hour
Kanley Memorial Chapel things to note
Miller Auditorium
Built in 1967
Named after Dr. James W. Miller
Miller Auditorium features
One of the top 10 acoustically sound auditoriums in the country
One of the largest movie screens in Michigan
3rd largest concert hall (3497)
Miller Auditorium things to note
Home of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Professional Productions/Broadway Shows
WMU students receive 50% off tickets to shows
WMU Students can volunteer as ushers through Usher Corps
There are employment opportunities (i.e. ticket office, area manager)
Every month = new miller movie
Miller stage is the same stage students will walk across when they graduate
The Oaklands
Built in 1870
Purchased in 1944
The Oaklands features
Currently a Bed and Breakfast
The Oaklands things to note
Original property was a dairy farm, racing horse stables and a golf course
Two WMU Presidents lived there (Sangren and Miller)
Host to the Board of Trustees and other Distinguished Guests
Public Safety Annex
AKA Parking Services
Dedicated in 1980
Public Safety Annex things to note
Originally a bank
Can purchase parking stickers and visitor passes and pay parking tickets
Current cost of parking is $300 a year, $180 a semester
St. Aiden’s Chapel Building
AKA Woodlawn Place
Built in 1994
St. Aiden’s Chapel Building features
Disabled Student Resources and Services
The Children’s Place (daycare)
Seibert Administration Building
Built in 1952
Named after Russel H. Seibert
Seibert Administration Building features
Office of Admissions
Information Center
Office of the Registrar & Academic Records
Office of the President of WMU
Office of the VP for Academic Affairs
Internal Audit
FYE Programs Office
Office of the Provost of WMU
Sindecuse Health Center
Built in 1969
Named after Gordon and Elizabeth Sindecuse
Sindecuse Health Center features
Full Pharmacy
Office of Health Promotion and Education
Sports Medicine Clinic
University Counseling and Testing Center
Full staff of doctors, nurses and physicians assistants
Drive through pharmacy
Immunization/allergy shots
Theatre for Community Health
Sprau Tower
Built in 1967
Named for George Sprau
Sprau Tower features
Faculty offices for English, Foreign Languages and Communication
Plaza Cafe
Sprau Tower things to note
Tallest building on campus with ten stories
10th floor is open space for meetings and studying
University Computing Center
Built in 1990
University Computing Center features
85 computers
Help Desk and Technical Support
Technical Computing Services
Telecommunications Customer Services
Waldo Library
Built in 1958
Named for Dwight B. Waldo
Waldo Library features
4 million items and 2.6 million titles
Houses general and scientific reference materials
Rare books and US/Michigan government documents
7,000 subscriptions to journals, magazines and periodicals
Seats and study areas for 1900 people
150 computers with over 200 databases
Can access WestCat
Designated areas for cell phones food and drink
Waldo Library things to note
4th Largest library system in Michigan
Main library on campus
Wesley Foundation
Sponsored by the United Methodist Church
Fireside Cafe