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Budget Essay

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Zero based (analyzes every expense within an organization and justifies the need and cost of each), activity based (is the gathering of the operating cost data, which is assigned to specific activities such as engineering) performance based (performance dashboard sees the metrics of performance and analyzes the root cause of financial problems), cost variances (looks at the differences of the actual cost and expected cost of an expense) and benchmarking (gathers information of the performance and processes from similar organizations and compares the data to help with making Improvements).

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Motivating the staff and Informing them of the budget goals Is another strategy that may be used to help the organization succeed. Compare five to even expense results with budget expectations, and describe possible reasons for variance. 343 Recommend three benchmarking techniques and identify those that might improve budget accuracy in future forecasts. Justify your choices. 360 2. Format your paper consistent with PAP guidelines. Use the PAP Sample Paper in Center for Writing Excellence (CUE) as a guide. 3. SE headings appropriately to provide organization and structure for your thoughts. Content 8 points possible Points available Points earned Compares five to seven expense results with budget expectations and describes possible reason for variances and strategies to keep results aligned with expectations.

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