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Brook land

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Relationship with our parents is a vital part in our lives. From the time that we are conceived, they have designated or assigned within themselves the responsibilities and obligation they will face upon our birth. They are conscious and knowledgeable about having the duties to give us our basic needs like our food, shelter and clothe that will make us strong to survive the changing world.

Parents actually are our guides in our growth, from being a baby who has nothing to do but cry to ask for something, to being a toddler who always plays with the food, an adolescent who seeks freedom especially when pressured by our peers and even if we become adults and already have our legal rights for independence. The love of a parent as they say is incomparable.

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Brook land

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In what I have experienced and seen among my friends and even with my family, blood relationships are still necessary even if our culture does not obviously close family ties, we can still see how our parents are caring for us by the way they are curious about our dreams and our planned careers especially when we come from the elites. Many publications are distributed world wide to see or show the different family relationships we can witness with our friends, classmates, or even in our own families.

The affection, restrictions, commitment and some conflicts are analyzed if not illustrated by the book or literature. Brookland for example, written by Farrar Straus & Giroux, is a story of a father and daughter who has serious and intimate talks regarding the love of a parent to a first born and the succeeding children. As the father mentioned in the book “…a man doesn’t love one child more’n the next.

”, I can sense that if I will view the sentence literally, I will feel inferiority to my elder brother or sister if I have any for the love my parents or my father is giving to him/her is more or with greater quality than what I am receiving. But when we analyze the set – ups, it just says that parents give their best shot on their first since that is the first time they are going to try roles of being a parent.

Even in my life, not in parenting, I can say that if I face a thing first time, I would really try my best to actually have a good performance for the job or the role. The second, third or fourth tries will not require much effort as what I did with the first for I have been accustomed to facing and dealing with it. The passage does not necessarily mean that bias for the children but a realization of the efforts they try to give with their children. A mother’s love for me is very unconditional. Forgiving and forgetting at the same time.

I can say that even if a mother treats her children differently, she has the same level of love for them; it just so happen that those who approach their mothers more become closer and look more loved. The book showed an endless love of a person towards people that contributed to her life; passion and motherhood at the same time, molding the minds of the readers of the significance of a motherly care to the weak and enlightenment to the other children. Works Cited Emily Barton. 2006. Review of Brookland. [11 December 2008]. <http://www. bookloons. com/cgi-bin/Review. ASP? bookid=5906>

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