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Britain Imperialism

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Expansionism The question when it comes to Britain and other empires, would be how they influenced and helped to fuel an entire race for an empires' expansion. New imperialism began creation on continuous practice in the sass's in the European scale of things. Industrial powers or backings help create an empire of control. With any nation in history, new technology often equates to an increase in knowledge and power. There are also many factors that cause things as such as new imperialism.

Those factors include things such as geopolitics, nationalism and economic factors. The effect on Britain's decision to adopt this form of expansion was completely influenced by Europe, as all other countries eventually were. According to the noted Winston Churchill, "give peace to warring tribes, to administer Justice where all was violence, to strike the chains off the slave, to draw the richness from the soil, to place the earliest seeds of commerce and learning, to increase in whole peoples their capacities for pleasure and diminish their chances of pain. Snobbery, p. 149) Most of all nations would disagree that imperialism is good or beneficial to anyone else's country but their own. Whether it is the affects of Europe or non-European cultures and countries, imperialism seems to be beneficial on a large scale, which is why every country and culture wants control of it. There were many imperialist activities that took place within or concerning Britain in the 19th century. It is shown throughout Britain's history the significant events that have led up to imperialism in this nation.

Going back in early 19th hundreds, it is noted that the British did indeed force China into the opium trade in the early sass's which in turned caused a shift to begin. Back in 1839-1841 and again in 1878-1880, the Bruits had gone to war with Afghanistan to protect its property in the form of POS and India, as well as the northern frontier. Originally Britain took over India back in 1825 and fought to maintain its control. Even earlier in history, many people requested and sought out the protection of Britain, including Malay Sultanates.

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Later n the twentieth century, in 1914, Britain completely controlled Malay. In a place called Borneo, Karakas had become under the ownership of an ex -Brim by the name of James Brooke, whom also was a solder for the East India Company. Furthermore and eventually in 1888, Saba became a British province. Within that same year, the former owner of Saba, Brunet also fell under British control. Reference:

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