Brief Therapy

Personally, this “solution-based or solution-focused brief therapy” is appealing to me simply because it is brief (The.. , 2003). See I have the tendency to become impatient in anything that calls for counseling (The.. , 2003). Since brief therapy has the power to address my dilemma in less than five counseling sessions, I am very grateful for it (The.. , 2003).

I also appreciate greatly the fact that “instead of solving problems, it builds solutions” which makes the change that occurred to be consistent and most likely to last (The.. , 2003).

Brief therapy also addresses a wide range of dilemmas including the following: 1) anxiety; 2) depression; 3) mental health-related problems; 4) oppression experiences; 5) pain; 6) problems in sleeping; 7) work-related dilemmas; 8) relationship problems (including differences with children, with spouse, and with close friends); 9) stress; 10) substance abuse (including drugs and alcohol); 11) etc (The.. , 2003).

What makes it more remarkable is that it may also be experienced by the economically challenged individuals who cannot afford the traditional and expensive counseling (The.. , 2003). It is good that there is a psychological therapy or counseling that may be offered free to those who do not have the capacity to pay but needed to solve a certain dilemma through “brief therapy” (The.. , 2003). Personal Experience I tried ‘brief therapy’ when I had terrible problems with my relationship with my partner.

Here, I was taught to communicate better or effectively, I was inspired to trust and to establish a gratifying relationship (The.. , 2003). In addition to that, I was taught to address, manage, and settle conflict (The.. , 2003). My specific problem has been addressed in just a few counseling sessions and that particular dilemma never became a problem again (The.. , 2003). Reference The Brief Therapy Practice. (2003). Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Retrieved October 6, 2007 from http://www. brieftherapy. org. uk/

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