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Bridger Teton

Bridger Teton National Forest 12/03/2010 Conservation is the use and exploitation of the land in a sustainable way, or one might say to manage. Preservation is the protection of the land that limits use, in order to maintain a pristine condition or to protect. After my research, I do believe that humans can actually harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way.

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Does that mean we should? In my opinion, I think that each situation is different, based on the use of the land and what the condition of the land is that is trying to be used.In the case of the Bridger Teton National forest, I do feel that it should be left in its natural state.

For so many years this land has been untouched, untamed and undiscovered. To take land of this nature for drilling, building roads and pipelines are not worth it. To the people of Wyoming it is more valuable than what you can get out of it from oil and gas. New technology should allow other ways to give us freedom for foreign oil. I really thought it was odd that the politicians were already calling “Management Area 71” which does not scream environmentally friendly.In my research I did come across a reading that stated conservation was good in some instances to keep wild life under control and allowed for controlled hunting. I’m not sure if I can consider that environmentally friendly.

Humans are changing the environment by fragmenting landscapes, and by removing species from their habitats. Preservation should remain for the Bridger Teton National Forest, and should only be preserved if and only if it is not maintaining a pristine condition on it’s own.