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Bm 3614 Professional Selling ; Sales Management Product

BMW 3614 Professional Selling & Sales Management Product Features & Benefits Deconstruction and Creation of a ‘Silent Seller’ You are required to do this assignment if you failed assignment 1 Briefing Sheet for Assignment 1 Analytical Step 1 . Select any single tangible product OR intangible service of your choice. 2.

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Secure a brochure or download other product information from the web. 3. Make a list of what you consider to be the most important product features. In this context the ‘cutting ; pasting of narrative information from your source material is allowed. 4.

Link your list of features each with a corresponding benefit to form feature / benefit pairs. This analysis and listing will be captured in a Powering slide (refer to slide templates). 5. Perform a ‘benchmark comparison between your selected product and either a named single competitor or with similar competitor products in general. Be sure to provide a clear notation of your selected product’s benchmarking as either ‘o’ (equivalent), ‘+’ (better than), or ‘-‘ (worse than)you comparator. Your benchmarking comparison will also be captured in a Powering slide (refer to slide templates).

Silent Seller Narrative 6. Create a general equivalence statement based on your ‘co’s. 7. Create a specific recommendations statement based on your ‘+g’s. 8. Highlight which potential objections have been identified based on your ‘-g’s. 9. Create statement/s as to how you intend to deal with potential objections. Collectively, your silent seller narrative will be captured reprint slide (rater to Source Material 10. Examples of your source material should be submitted along with your Assignment. So WSDL I Buy one? 1 1 . The overall level of convincingness of your rationale and recommendation will also be assessed.