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Blue Sky

TEACHING NOTE Blue Sky Thinking Case Analysis 1. Company Profile First Choice Holidays This session’s students should describe the company profile of First Choice Holidays (FCH) – a travel agent which has more than 14. 000 staff, operate in 16 different countries and have ? 2,6 billion turnover in 2005.

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The students should able to define that FCH is the major player in travel industry and what the business they are in. 2.

Problem Formulation This session’s students should formulate the problems of FCH that shown by Sales Conversion rate had been static for two years, and also should be able to mention the FCH efforts to solve the problems and why they choose to hire Blue Sky Consulting. The hidden problems of FCH are sales and management staffs on motivation, focus, and believe in themselves and their products. One of the methods could use the fish bone diagram to find the problems. . Problem Solving Methods The problem solving methods are tend to fulfill the objectives of FCH is to increase 10% revenue yoy and to merge brands between ‘First Choice Direct’ (Direct) and ‘Eclipse Direct’ (Eclipse). The case shows that FCH hire the Blue Sky Consulting, in these section students should place themselves as Blue Sky Consultant and be able to show what Blue Sky do to achieve the FCH objectives.

The first steps, Blue Sky create secondary objectives of developing a broad strategy that supported Direct and Eclipse team objectives: o Unifying company culture and brand value o Establishing measurement to ensure the performance improvement was maintained The next steps, Blue Sky conduct a ‘holistic operational diagnostic’ on purpose to show the FCH management to evaluate the effectiveness FCH processes, as opposed to just identifying the sales training gaps. Blue Sky conduct ‘current performance evaluation’ with activities include: o Meeting with key management personnel o Informal interview with cross-section of advisers and team leaders o Focus Groups o Listening into and observing assessment of calls o Mystery Shopping o Staff surveys o Reviewing current skill and trainings o Reviewing Business Process o Documentation and initiatives – Create recommendation 4. Design and Action Plan Program This session’s students should be able to show the need of developing and communicate the vision for call center and each department.