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Blind Side

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Letter: Dear Sean Tuohy, Over the last couple of months you and your outstanding family have provided everything I have every wanted a ‘family’. My life growing up consisted of running, drugs, unreliable parents a couch and others aspects. I have faced many obstacles and challenges in my life. I have been through some things no child my age should have to experience. I have learnt to face my everyday challenges by facing the fact that I can get through it, plus the support of others was very helpful, and knowing someone on earth would be having a worse day.

When I was a young child I had many scaring and frightening moments. I have seen a lot of habits my mum got into, taking drugs and being a big disappointment to my family. Then I soon later found out I had 12 brothers and sisters. My mother would tell me to shut my eyes when I was scared or anything she didn’t want me to see, after that she would then tell me to count to 3 and then I could open my eyes. I suffered a lot as a child and faced a lot of hardships, I struggle to learn but yet I can apparently write?

You and your family have given me hope and believed in me. I have been through a lot and watching my mum throw her life away doesn’t mean I was going to follow in her footsteps. After I crashed your car with SJ I thought you weren’t going to trust me again, but yet you gave me so much more. You took me under you wings, you gave me an education, and you let me go to college. I’m so grateful that someone has given me the opportunity to prove myself to them and let me show them who I am and my potentials.

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I am glad that I could I write to you to express how I feel. I struggled a lot and I use to be a quiet and shy boy, but now I am a confident and free spirited person and you and your wife have given me reason to believe again. Thankyou From Michael Oher Discuss what your character learnt: In the movie, Michael Oher’s character capabilities change majorly. Throughout the film, he grows from a shy, unschooled boy into a young man who fits into a family. The film begins with Oher as a homeless boy struggling to find a place to sleep.

He then learns to become a more confident and sophisticated man. Michael Oher has grown and learnt a lot of skills and matured into a young intelligent man. He learnt that because his childhood was so traumatic doesn’t mean he is traumatised for his whole life; everything can change when you start believing. Michael struggled a lot being a foster child, being black, moving and living not with his family, and yet they are complete strangers to him that he would often run away and try and find his mother again.

When he meet the Tuohy’s He grew a lot stronger in that because he was living with a Christian, wealthy family who took him in without any weight on their shoulders just out of kind heartedness. He also learnt that he didn’t have to be the smartest to achieve what he wanted he had to work rad and be persistent, to stay focused. He grew so much into a star having every quality that a magnificent football player need but only some granted with this special ability. Michael learnt that being whoever you are or being whatever you wanted was you!! He had a very distraught childhood and often struggling to once believe again.

He was always a determined to get what he wanted especially as a child. Michael has grown up so much, from not trying and struggling to read to now getting 2. 52 in his final result meaning he could do what he wanted for footy. He had the skills to get in but did not have the determination of getting and staying focused. Michaels tutor was a massive bonus to him and was a great peer leader. She encouraged him and helped him improve his marks a lot. Along with the hardships Michael has faced he learnt that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

He has grown and learnt so much and he is so lucky and happy to be able to have the opportunities he has been offered let alone half. Review: The blind side has proven to be a wonderful structured film, as it has been based on a true story it gives it a bit more of a overlooking and understanding of the abilities and inabilities this boy has been through. A family of all white has taken this black boy in, he would’ve felt un-invited, not fitting in and questioning why they are being nice especially when there from the complete other side of town.

Michael struggles to take in that a family of complete strangers is offering there house and couch to him. The Blind Side is a film about compassion, prejudice, family, chance, and the virtues of hard work. It tells the inspirational true story of Michael Oher, of a disadvantaged African-American child, and his relationship with Leigh Anne Tuohy, a wealthy white woman from the other side of town the rich and wealthy side and he is from the dirty, disgraceful, depressing side. They help him out with a lot of situations. They provide a wonderful education, house, family.

After his mother being a fall out he tried to get his life back on track by believing he could be different and show that he could do anything if you put your mind to work. Michael Oher shows a massive and exciting interest in football and Leigh Anne Tuohy does not hold back on the enthusiasm for him. He has been born with skills that a person could dream about, even though Michael Is a big boy these skills come in handy when he gets a number of offers to be in a professional team. They then provide Michael with a tutor to improve his grades to get him into NCCA div 1.

Athletic scholarship. This young man growing up in Memphis would only dream of being able to professional football or any real contact with a ball, he was born too and all of a sudden his dream came true and was right in front of his eyes because of the Tuohy’s. I believe the film deserves a rating of 5/5, when you look at the poster or the movie cover or the book cover you don’t know what to expect, but then you get a great message from the film inspiring everyone to show that “if you believe you can achieve”.

The message is trying to explain that you can be in any situation and find a way out of it, if you try and work your way out of it. It was a fantastic book based on a real life story. It’s very inspiring and proven to everyone that you can be from somewhere that struggles into someone who is wealthy. Bibliography: The blind side 2009, DVD, warner bros, Hollywood http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0878804/plotsummary, http://www. pacejmiller. com/2010/02/24/movie-review-the-blind-side-2009/

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