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The desk exerts an upward force on the book that is equal in magnitude to the gravitational force. Draw a free-body diagram of the book. 7.

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Draw a free-body diagram of a football being kicked. Assume that the only forces acting on the ball are the force due to gravity and the force exerted by the kicker. 8. Draw a free-body diagram for each of the following objects (show size of force with big or small arrow): a. A projectile accelerating downward in the presence of air resistance. B. A crate being pushed across a flat surface at a constant speed. 9. Define Equilibrium. 10.

Can an object be in equilibrium if only one force acts on the object? 1. If an object is at rest, can we conclude that no external forces are acting on it? 12. An keg car is moving at a constant speed of 1. Mom/s. What is the net force on the car? 13. If a car is traveling west with a constant velocity of mom/s, what is the net force acting on the car? 14. If a car is accelerating downhill under a net force of NON, what additional force would cause the car to have a constant velocity? 15. Is it possible for an object to be in motion if no net force is acting on it?

Explain. 16. An object thrown into the air stops at the highest point in its path. Is it in equilibrium at his point? Explain. 17. A large ball is placed on a bed off truck but is not tied down. A. Explain why it is wrong to say, “as the truck accelerates forward, the ball slides across the bed until it hits the tailgate. ” b. If the driver slammed on the brakes, what would happen to the ball? 18. A space explorer is moving through space far from any planet or star and notices a large rock, taken as a specimen from an alien planet floating around the cabin of the ship.

Should the explorer push it gently or kick it toward the storage compartment? Why? 19. Identify the action-reaction pairs in the following situations: a. A person takes a step. B. A snowball hits someone in the back. C. A baseball player catches a ball. D. A gust of wind strikes a window. 20. If a small sports car collides head-on with a massive truck, which vehicle experiences the greater impact force? Which vehicle experiences the greater acceleration? Explain. 21 . Explain why a rope climber must pull downward on the rope in order to move upward. Part Two: Constructing Responses 22.

The force that attracts Earth to an object is equal to and opposite to the force that Earth exerts on the object. Explain (in a 3-step AES) why Earths’ acceleration is not equal to and opposite the object’s acceleration? 23. When a tablecloth is pulled out from underneath a cup and plate, the cup and plate stay on the table. Why? Explain (in a 3-step AES) why this is using Newton’s 1st Law of Motion. Part Three: Easy Problem Solving 24. What is the net force on a stapler if Ms Buick pulls it with a force of NON to the left and John pulled it NON to the right?

Which way did the stapler go? 25. In a tug of war competition, Sally pulled NON east along with Bobby who pulled NON east. If their opponent Tyler pulled with a force of NON and Jason NON west, who team won? 26. A owe boat is being propelled with a force of NON north by the rowers, but the water current pushes south on the boat with a force of NON. If the wind also pushes north with a force of NON, find the net force (including direction) on the boat. 27. A broken down car has a mass of 1 keg and is accelerated at a rate of 1. Mm/so by several people pushing.

With what force do the people push the car? 28. A 6. Egg object undergoes an acceleration of 2. Mm/so. What is the magnitude of the net force acting on the object? 29. The net force on the propeller of a 3. Egg model airplane is 7. AN forward. What is the acceleration of the airplane? 0. A soccer ball kicked with a force of 13. AN accelerates at 6. Mm/so to the right. What is the mass of the ball? 31 . The net force on a golf cart is NON north. If the cart has a total mass of keg, what are the magnitude and direction of the cart’s acceleration? 2. A car has a mass of 1. 50x103kg. If the force acting on the car is 6. Xenon to the east, what is the car’s acceleration? 33. A bag of sugar has a mass of 2. Keg. Determine its mass and weight on… A) … On Earth b) … On the moon c) … On Jupiter (g-?25. Mm/so) 34. A 3. Keg briefcase is sitting at rest on a flat floor. A. What is the briefcase’s net acceleration? B. What is its weight in Newton’s? Part Four: Medium Problem Solving 35. Two forces are applied in the same direction to a car in an effort to accelerate it, Fl=NON, IF=301 N a.

What is the resultant of these two forces? B. If the car has a mass of keg, what acceleration does it have? 36. Due to the airplanes engines a keg airplane is pushed forward with a force of NANNY, if the wind pushes back on the plane with a force of NANNY, what is the net acceleration of the plane? 37. What is the mass of a sailboat which is accelerating at mom/so that is shushed by the wind with a force of NON and the current of water in the same direction with a force of 21 ON? 38.

What is the acceleration of a keg boy and bicycle which is pedaled with a force of NON, and overcomes a frictional force of NON? (friction is always in the opposite direction of the motion) 39. A 5. Egg bucket of water is raised from a well by a rope. If the upward acceleration of the bucket is 3. Mm/so, find the force exerted by the rope on the bucket of water? (You must consider gravity in this! ) Part Five: Hard Problem Solving 40. The forces acting on a sailboat are NON north and NON east.

If the boat has a mass of keg, what are the magnitude and direction of the boat’s acceleration? 41 . Four forces act on a keg hot-air balloon, shown here. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant acceleration on the balloon. Part Six: Difficult Problem Solving 42. Kathy and Jim are pulling a box of physics equipment with an acceleration of 0. Mom/so. If they are pulling with a force of NON 200 above the horizontal, what is the mass of the box? 43. A keg box is pulled by Ms Buick with a force of NON at an angle of 250 above the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the box?