the uniting of sperm and egg in a laboratory dish, instead of insides a woman’s body is called…
a woman who gestates a fetus for others usually for a couple or another woman is called…
the asexual production of a genetically identical entity from an existing one is known as…
The classic case of Baby M concerned…
IVF cycles pose health risks for both woman and child
the strongest arguments for IVF have appealed to individual autonomy or reproductive rights
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probably the most pervasive-and perhaps the strongest-argument against surrogacy is that surrogacy arrangements amount to baby-selling
The development stage at approximately 23 to 24 weeks of pregnancy when the fetus may survive outside the uterus is known as…
The Fourteenth Amendment
In Roe v. Wade the court saw a guaranteed right of personal privacy in….
Unborn is innocent person from moment of conception
A key premise in many arguments against abortion is that…
Rarely permissible
abortion liberals contend that even if infants are not persons, infanticide is…
Almost half of all pregnancies are unintended
Judith Jarvis Thomson argues that even if the unborn is a person from the moment of conception, abortion may still be morally justified
Both liberals and conservatives on the abortion issue agree that murder is wrong and that persons have a right to life
One death per 1 million abortions
the risk of death associated with abortion performed at eight weeks or earlier is…
An inactive or sham treatment is called…
In equipoise
Physicians who are in doubt about the relative merits of the treatments in a study are said to be…
Tuskegee Study
the infamous experiment to study the damaging effects of untreated syphilis in 600 poor black men is known as…
Clinical trial
a scientific study designed to test a medical intervention in humans is known as a…
An indispensable feature of most clinical trials is…
A widely accepted proviso in human research is that the use of placebos is unethical when effect treatments are already available
It is generally understood that consent to do research on children is not required
Informed Consent
the action of an autonomous, informed person agreeing to submit to medical treatment or experimentation is known as…
the ability to render decisions about medical interventions is known as…
the patients voluntary and deliberate giving up of the right of informed consent is called…
Therapeutic Privilege
The withholding of relevant information from a patient when the physician believes disclosure would likely do harm is known as…
a credible and severe threat of harm or force to control another has been called..
Incompetence does not come in degrees
In the 1970’s courts began to insist that the adequacy of disclosure should be judged by what patients themselves find relevant to their situation
Informed consent requires that patients understand ALL information given to them