Biology of Human Sexuality: Chapter 15

The treatment for gonorrhea is usually:
Which of the following STIs must be reported by health care providers to state health departments and the CDC?
Which statement about chlamydia is accurate?
At least 50% of those who have chlamydia have no recognizable symptoms.
Which types of STIs are curable?
Only bacterial STIs are curable.
Although Candice has not had sex for several years, she has contracted hepatitis. She was told that she may have become infected through oral contact with contaminated food or water. Which strain does she have?
Which of the following may be caused by exposure to human papilloma virus?
genital warts
Which STI can be prevented by a vaccination?
hepatitis B
Compared with other industrialized countries, the rate of syphilis in the United States is:
much higher.
The most common curable STI in young, sexually active women is:
Sheila and Ira both engage in unprotected sex with multiple opposite sex partners. Which of them would be more susceptible to STIs?
Sheila, because women are more susceptible to contracting STIs than men.
The first symptom of syphilis is:
a small, red pea-sized bump.
A behavioral factor that leads to the spread of STIs is:
incorrect and inconsistent use of condoms.
Aisha has herpes. Which medication will cure this STI?
There is no cure for herpes.
Jeremy, a counselor, wants to get the word out to young people about preventing STIs. He is wise to advise them that all of the following are ways to avoid STIs EXCEPT:
paying close attention to visual and behavioral cues of cleanliness.
Mark travels to different cities on business and he often stays in hotels overnight. During his visits, he often engages in unprotected sex. He doesn’t worry about STIs because he meets the women through business acquaintances. Should he worry?
Yes. He is at risk of contracting STIs via unprotected sex.
The risk of contracting STIs can be reduced by practicing exclusivity.
Having sex with numerous partners is a behavioral factor that contributes to the spread of STIs.
All types of HPV can cause cervical cancer.
The consequences of STIs are more serious for men than they are for women.
Male circumcision may reduce the risk of contracting HIV.
The most common bacterial STI in the United States is chlamydia.
The “Tuskegee experiment” is considered a model of how public health research should be conducted.
Douching is an effective way to reduce many of the bacteria responsible for developing STIs.
Lesbians have a more realistic assessment of their risk for STIs than do heterosexual women.
The federal Institute of Medicine characterizes sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as hidden epidemics.
The causal agent of gonorrhea is a(n)
Early symptoms of chlamydia in women include all of the following EXCEPT
the presence of purpura on the labia.
Due to the fact that chlamydia is often asymptomatic, health care professionals recommend that sexually active persons be checked for it every
Which of the following statements about gonorrhea is CORRECT?
Symptoms are more obvious among men than women.
Most people who have an HPV infection
do not know they have it.
An asymptomatic woman with untreated gonorrhea can pass the disease on to her partner.
Which of the following is NOT considered a “possibly safe practice”?
cunillingus without a condom
Early symptoms of chlamydia in men include all of the following EXCEPT
purplish molluscum on the glans.
Pubic lice are not likely to be transmitted by
oral-genital contact.
Which of the following statements about genital herpes is FALSE?
There is a vaccine available which can prevent infection but not cure one.
Latoya has genital herpes. To minimize the number of outbreaks she gets, she should do all of the following EXCEPT
take antibiotics.
Heterosexual women contract sexually transmitted diseases more easily than heterosexual men do.
Jared has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A. He says that he has not had unprotected sex. Is it likely that he is telling the truth?
Yes, because Hepatitis A can come from contaminated food.
Which of the following is NOT true about the female condom?
If used consistently and correctly, female condoms can provide significant protection against STIs.
What does the author of the text mean by the “biological sexism” of STIs?
Women are more vulnerable to infection and long-term effects of STIs than men.
What is the most common STI?
Which of the following is NOT a way to protect you from STIs?
All of the above can help you avoid STIs.
The purpose of the Tuskegee syphilis study was to
observe racial differences in the developmental course of syphilis.
For which scenario would quick and effective treatment for a scabies infection be critical?
a child in a preschool
The results of an Australian study found that women who had sex with women had substantially lower rates for all STIs than heterosexual women.
The total number of new cases of a disease is called the
The most prominent symptom of pubic lice infestation is
intense itching.
There are one hundred strains of
the HPV virus.
Cystitis is a(n)
bladder infection caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract.
A slang term for gonorrhea is
the clap.
A newborn child is at risk if its mother or father has gonorrhea because the
disease can be contracted during childbirth.
Which of the following is NOT a reason why young people are at greater risk for STIs?
They have lower immunity than more mature adults.
Cervicitis in an STI.
Which of the following is an unsafe sexual practice?
contact with a partner’s menstrual blood
Scabies is caused by
Which of the following is NOT a consequence of untreated STIs?
Which is TRUE about testing for HPV?
There is no general test for men and women to determine one’s “HPV status.”
HPV and HSV are incurable.
The genital area may be infected by over _____ different sexually transmitted strains of HPV.
The common term yeast infection refers to
Which of the following is NOT a social factor that contributes to the spread of STIs?
more open communication about sexual matters
Denise has just undergone cryosurgery for removal of genital warts. Is she now disease-free?
No, the disease-causing virus is still in her system.
Which of the following is TRUE about genital herpes?
Over the past decade, the percentage or people in the United States who have genital herpes has decreased.
What makes STIs different from other illnesses?
STIs represent the only kind of illness we group by mode of transmission.
The organism that causes chlamydia is
chlamydia trachomatis.
In a recent study of 789 asymptomatic students from 10 southern colleges, about what percentage of them were infected with chlamydia?
Lesbian and bisexual women _________ their risk for STIs.
Subjects in the Tuskegee study had
One of the leading causes of female infertility is
pelvic inflammatory disease.
PID is commonly associated with
chlamydia and gonorrhea.
There is no cure for genital herpes.
An inflammation of the cervix is called
Gonorrhea is caused by a viral organism.
Epididymitis may indicate a chlamydia infection in men.
Frequent intercourse or manual stimulation can lead to __________ among women.
Which of the following is FALSE about the ability of male condoms to protect against STIs?
Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms is nearly 100% effective in protecting against HIV, but less so for chalamydia or gonorrhea.
A skin rash that neither itches nor burns is a symptom of which stage of syphilis?
Which of the following statements best describes the Tuskegee study?
For forty years, almost 400 African American men were denied treatment for syphilis in a Public Health Service study.
Which of the following is NOT a general symptom that is suggestive of a sexually transmitted infection?
delayed ejaculation
Which of the following does NOT have to be reported to the state health department?
genital herpes
Pubic lice are removed by burning them in place with a match or other flame.
Many women with gonorrhea are asymptomatic.
Which of the following is an ectoparasitic infection?
A person with syphilis in the latency stage may have no symptoms for years.
Hepatitis A is primarily contracted through penile-vaginal intercourse or through oral-genital sex.
Paulo has an STI. The most reliable method for Paulo to use in order to prevent transmission is
abstinence from sexual intercourse.
Nearly three-quarters of women have had vaginitis at least once during their lives.
The treatment for gonorrhea is
Which of the following statements about the latency stage of syphilis is FALSE?
The only symptom may be a skin rash that neither itches nor burns.
Trichomoniasis is caused by a
Candidiasis is caused by
overgrowth of a fungus normally present in the vagina.
Pelvic inflammatory disease starts as an infection
of the fallopian tubes.
The number of types of sexually transmitted infections is
more than 25.
Cervicitis may be caused by
All of these.
Cervicitis can be caused by chlamydia.
By age 50, at least what percentage of women will have acquired a genital HPV infection?
The most common bacterial STI in the United States is
Which of the following is NOT a symptom of hepatitis?
a papular rash
Which of the following is NOT a behavioral factor that contributes to the spread of STIs?
more forms of birth control and contraception
Keiko is experiencing intense itching in the skin under her pubic hair. This could be an indication that she has contracted
pubic lice.
Hepatitis A is believed to be transmitted sexually primarily through
oral-anal contact.
The incidence of Hepatitis B continues to increase among gay men.
Candidiasis can be caused by all of the following EXCEPT
high vitamin doses.
Cystitis is most often caused by the common bacterium G. lamblia.
What is the relationship between substance behavior and the spread of STIs?
Intoxicated individuals engage in high-risk behaviors, although researchers aren’t certain it is a cause and effect relationship.
Your partner is asking you to explore the possibility of having unprotected sex. What are the facts?
It is impossible to transmit STIs sexually if both partners are uninfected.
The Tuskegee syphilis study, though clearly unethical, revealed that an epidemic of syphilis could be eradicated through aggressive community health programs.
The most common STI in the United States is gonorrhea.
For women, how are STIs and infertility related?
STIs often lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which may block oocyte passage or uterine implantation.
A primary symptom of the early stages of gonorrhea in men is
pain or burning sensation when urinating.
Jessica has been feeling tired and nauseous. She has also noticed that her urine has darkened. This might indicate that Jessica has
viral hepatitis.
The symptom of the primary stage of syphilis is
the appearance of a chancre.
Hepatitis B and C can cause a
viral disease.
Untreated, tertiary syphilis can result in