Biology 6

What phrase best describes the process of meiosis
Produces haploid gametes
A kidney cell is an example of which type of cell
How many chromosomes are in human gamete
Which of the following best describes the genetic material of person receives from his or her father
22 autosomes and an X or Y chromosome
At fertilization what happened to sex cells
Their nuclei fuse to form one nucleus
Which of the following statements is true of homologous chromosomes
They contain the same genes
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Which phrase best describes meiosis 1
Division of homologous chromosomes
What happens to sister chromatids in meiosis two
They are divided
Gametogenesis is the term for
Production of gametes
What does an egg contribute to the embryo that A sperm does not contribute
Which of the following is an example of a biological treat
Eye color
Mendel began his experience with purebred people at this approach enabled him to determine that variations among us rings were the result of
His crossings
What was the conclusion of Mendels observations
Organisms inherit two copies of each gene one from each parent
Windows able to identify predictable patterns of her daddy he succeeded mainly because he chose to say treats that
Only had two forms
Mendel determine an individual traits are
Inherited as discreet units
Which phrase best describes the term genome
The jeans that make up an organism
Haircolor and I color examples of a persons
When an organism has two allows at the same locus that are different organisms called
And allele dominant in a heterozygote when it is
Expressed another Allele not
What do you letters inside of the grid of the punnets square represent
Genotypes of an offspring
What is the probability that the offspring of a cross between a homozygous recessive Darren and heterozygous parent will be a homozygous recessive
The term for across it involves just one trait such as pod shape
Mono hybrid cross
What is the phenotype ratio of a mono hybrid cross between two heterozygous parents
3 to 1
Which of the following observations did Mendel make as a result of his experiments with dyhybrid crosses
Different traits are inherited separately
About how many different combinations of chromosomes can be produced through the random fertilization of hunan gametes
Two to the 23rd power times two to the 23rd power
Which phrase best describes the process of crossing over
Pairs of Homo Logus chromosomes exchange segments
If a gene that codes for a flower color is linked to the gene that codes for leaf shaped what statement is true about this pair of jeans
They are close together on the same chromosome
During which stage of meiosis just crossing over current
Prophase one of meiosis one
Which of the following is a result of the study of Gene linkage
The relative distance is between genes can be calculated