Biology 3.1 Cell Theory

Cell Theory
1) All organisms are made of cells.
2) All existing cells are produced by other living cells.
3) The cell is the most basic unit of life.
Robert Hooke
The first to identify cells, and he named them.
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Made better lenses, so he was able to observe cells in greater detail.
Matthias Scleiden
The first to note that plants are made of cells.
Theodor Schwann
conncluded that all living things are made of cells.
Rudolf Virchow
proposed that all cells come from other cells.
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A jellylike substance that contains dissolved molecular building blocks- such as proteins, nucleic acids, minerals, and ions.
structures specialized to perform distinct processes within a cell.
Prokaryotic Cell
doesn’t have a nucleus or other membrane bound organelles. Can only be single-celled.
Eukaryotic Cell
Has a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles. Can be multi-cellular or single-celled.