Biology 1 Chapter 1

The goal of science
To investigate and understand the natural world, to explain events, and use those explanations to make useful predictions
Expressed as numbers (counts or measurements)
Descriptive, involce characterics that cant be counted or measured
Fundamental laws of nature operate same way at all places and times
Manipulated variable or independent variable
Variable that is changed
Responding variable or dependent variable
Variable that is observed and that changes
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Proposed a different hypothesis for appearance of maggots other than spontaneous generation
Observed that maggots appeared on meat a few days after flies were present
Considered it likely that flies laid eggs too small to see
Flies produce maggots
Needham’s test
Used experiment involving animalcules (microscopic organisms discovered in pond water)
Claimed spontaneous generation could occur under right conditions
Sealed bottle of gravy and heated it
Examined after several days, lots of organisms
Began to uncover the nature of infectuous diesease, considered kne of biologys most remarkable problem solvers
Field studies
Observe without disturbing
Genetic code
Living things are based off of this
Living things maintain a stable
Internal environment
All life is
Matter serves as ______ to build body structures
Single celled
More than one cell
Tiny structures that perform with specific functions
Contain instructions for single trait
Sexual reproduction
Hereditary informstions from 2 organisms of the same species results in offspring similar to each parent but not identical
Asexual reproduction
No combination of hereditary information-1 parent- new organism identical to parent
Studies plants
Studies ancient life
The largest level of biological study is
When scientists collect data, what are they often trying to find out?
Whether certain factors changed or remained the same
What does a graph of data make easier to recognize and understand than a table of data?
What are compound light microscopes?
Allow light to pass through the specimen and use two lenses to form an image
How do chemicals make light microscopes more useful?
Show structures of cell
Why does an organism need energy and a constant supply of materials?
To grow, develop, and reproduce
Why do scientists assume that experimental results can be reproduced?
Because nature behaves in a constant manner